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  1. nancyanddan


    I’m sure many of you remember Unstable_Tripod. He was a member here for many years though he hadn’t visited recently. Tom was a fountain of information on all aspects of popups, and was always happy to help when folks had problems or questions. We became friends here on the portal, and I so...
  2. nancyanddan

    Lake Siskyou Rally in September?

    I thought I saw a thread about this rally but cannot find it. Am I looking in the wrong place?
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    Christmas Greetings!

    Merry Christmas from Southern California! We're camping at William Heise State Park, in the mountains near San Diego.
  4. nancyanddan

    SHW Gizmos

    We have ours listed in the For Sale/Wanted forum for a reduced price. See that forum for details.
  5. nancyanddan

    The Dark Side was calling....

    ...and today we heeded the call. Got a 2016 KZ Spree Escape Ultralite TT. We were just so tired of popping up and popping down. Anyway, the pup - a 2004 Feetwood Sedona - was beginning to fall apart in places and it kind of told us it was time to let it go. We had 5 years and many thousands of...
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    Interior Cooler Insulation?

    DH got this info sheet with a small roll of Reflectix he bought at Lowe's recently. Neither of us have ever heard of using Reflectix on the inside of a cooler. Thoughts on this?
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    Valance slider track pulling away

    I hope I'm able to adequately describe this issue. The right side of the track channel above the front king bunk end is pulling away from the top rim of our pup. DH has tried to repair it by drilling new holes and adding extra screws but it doesn't hold. We also don't know what's causing this...
  8. nancyanddan

    Securing solar panel to top of pup

    We invested in a 100-watt solar panel and would very much appreciate ideas on how to secure it to the top of our pup. This is our first trip out and we have it strapped down on one end. We'd like a way to temporarily secure it while camping as we don't want a permanent setup. Thanks for any...
  9. nancyanddan

    Pup Tire Failure on I-5 this afternoon

    Felt a vibration, and then saw white smoke as we pulled to the side of the road. Right side pup tire completely shredded. No damage other than to the tire. Rim looks fine. Tires are Kenda LodeStar radials, ST175/80R13 load range D purchased from etrailer in 2011. Always maintained and properly...
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    Crystal Cove Beach Resort, Tofino BC

    We came in a week ago yesterday, August 31st and liked it so much we extended our stay not once, but twice. We did have to break down and move once but it was no big deal. The park is exceptionally beautiful, and the sites are private, surrounded on three sides with trees and hedges. The whole...
  11. nancyanddan

    The Leaf Springs under the Pup....

    Ok, so we take the pup in for a wheel bearing check/new grease before leaving on vacation. The guy crawled underneath to see if there was any wear due to the tiny clearance ( less than 1") between the left wheelwell and the top of the left tire. He confirmed all was fine - no signs of wear to...
  12. nancyanddan

    Seeing behind your rig

    We have an A/C unit on top of our pup that obstructs visibility of traffic behind us. What do others do in this case? Are the large towing mirrors helpful? How about a wide angle interior rear-view mirror? A backup camera mounted to the rear of the pup? We're open to suggestions.
  13. nancyanddan

    Front Panel Replacement

    We're about to order a front panel for our 2004 Fleetwood Sedona to replace the original that has a few cracks and has all but come loose from the rivets that hold it in place along the top edge. Has anyone else here replaced a body panel on their pup? Is there anything particularly difficult...
  14. nancyanddan

    Upcoming Cervical Spine Surgery April 2

    Due to the progression of Degenerative Disc Disease in my cervical spine exacerbated by the NYC bus accident last August I will be having Posterior Cervical Laminectomy and Fusion involving 7 levels - C3-T2 on April 2nd. I will have a set of rods and screws in my neck and will have to be in a...
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    RV Name Generator

    I saw this on Facebook and it's pretty cool! MY RV name is Desert Elite. DH is Travel Nomad. (I wonder if we could combine the two somehow?) [:D]
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    Curtains coming off clips....

    In a few places on different panels the top curtain hem has come off the little sliding clips. I've tried to re-attach to the tiny sharp points on the clip but no luck. Has anyone else had this problem? If so, is there a fix? Right now I'm using binder clips to secure the areas that have come...
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    Ensuring Space Around You

    [:D] [:D] [:D]
  18. nancyanddan

    The Nine Circles of Hell Camping

    Found this infographic on Facebook. Pretty much says it all:
  19. nancyanddan

    Interesting way to keep your cooler cold

    I might have to try this:
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    Hopkins Smart Hitch Backup Camera and Hitch Aligner System

    Just saw this on etrailer. Does anyone here have experience with this system? We're seriously considering it.