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    A little backyard practice

    It’s been a while since I have messed with my cast iron, roughly 4-5 years to be exact. I finally pulled the tote out of the basement of the beast and thought “these need to be cleaned up and reseasoned”. Then I thought “since they are out.......”. Dutch oven apple cobbler is really yummy!
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    What does your camping journey look like?

    So every now and then it's fun to do these historical threads. What does your camping history look like, in pictures if possible.
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    Annual Midwest get-together.

    Had a great extended weekend get together at Indiana Dunes with our extended camping family that all met on the portal years ago. Rynderz, Digitalguru, Lilbit, BroPaul & Cakelady, Bahb, Novagirl, and GolfNate07. Some of us still have pups, others have moved on to other modes of camping but in...
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    Reflectix question

    Has anyone used Reflectix for the specific use of sound deadening? If so, how well did it work?
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    A little fun with our camping history

    So I made a post like this a few years ago and it turned out pretty cool so while sitting here at work today bored out of my mind I thought I would do one again to see what kind of response this one gets. Show us what your camping history looks like. Post pics, tell stories, whatever you feel...
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    Tour of Pennsylvania

    So the father in law wants to do a tour of Pennsylvania, specifically including Hershey, Gettysburg, Philly and Lancaster. We are thinking of setting up base camp at French Creek SP and working from there. We are starting out From Toledo Ohio. For those of you familiar with the area, is...
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    Dark is not necessarily so dark, but it is definitely good

    Well, with my presence being fairly scarce over the past year + and some folks asking where I went and what I've been up to I thought I would give a little official update. I went away for a while due to personal reasons but during that time, roughly mid September, we went "dark" as well. I...
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    Attacking the U.P. (RRGUPA?)

    Ok kids, so here is what we are kicking around for next year: a potential 2 week trip to the U.P. starting with a couple days at either Wilderness or the Straights with a day trip to the Island. After that, heading across the bridge and either starting at Brimley (the inlaws have never been...
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    2016 UP (MI) Rally

    Nathan, are you the wagonmaster of this little shindig? If so, riddle me this batman: If I were to take a 2 week tour of the UP next summer, how far might said rally be from the state line for a mid trip weekend detour? Think: RockyRoo's Great Yooper Adventure
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    what might cause this to happen?

    So this guy in the Jeep rear ends someone and destroys the other persons car about an hour ago and 2 blocks away. Then, after the cops release him he does this 2 blocks later. Anyone wanna take a stab at what the root cause of this string of unfortunate events is?
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    What is it called?

    What are the things called that you put on your tow vehicle roof to redirect the air over the trailer? I was thinking a deflector or air dam, but coming up with blanks on searches.
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    RIP JungleJim

    It is with great sadness that I announce the sudden passing of a long time member of the portal, and someone that although was much closer to me than I realized over the years I had just begun talking to in recent weeks. We have had many great "conversations" and I was very much looking forward...
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    Roo's new TV

    Yep, we got tired of the 2013 half ton already. Ok, really, after looking at new trailers at the local RV show and discussing future plans as well as the past 3 years of towing issues we talked a lot and to a lot of people and decided since we were right side up, now was the time to change...
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    Buryanek Rec Area, South Dakota

    So our Great Western Adventure route has taken a little turn to the south. Does anyone know anything about Buryanek Rec Area in South Dakota? We will only be stopping there for one night on our way thru, but would still love to hear others thoughts on the park. Would rather get a good nights...
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    Pine Lake SP, Iowa

    So our Great Western Adventure route has taken a little turn to the south. Does anyone know anything about Pine Lake SP in Iowa? We will only be stopping there for one night on our way thru, but would still love to hear others thoughts on the park. Would rather get a good nights sleep...
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    How do you make coffee?

    Hey all, Heading out on our first "dry" trip this weekend and the better half needs her coffee. How do you all make your coffee and what do you use? Pics please if possible.
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    battery powering furnace

    Is it realistic to expect the battery to power the furnace and fridge (on propane) overnight on a b oondocking trip? Would a gel cell theoretically last longer than a standard battery?
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    Oxygen Sensor replacement

    Not exactly camping related but does anyone have any tips or tricks to make a manifold mounted Oxygen sensor replacement go smoothly? This is something I have always shied away from but feel the need to attempt this time due to the price everyone else wants to charge to do the job
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    Interior LED lighting

    So I'm kicking around the idea of replacing the lights, or at least a couple of them, inside the Roo-ster with LED's. My question is, are there replacement "bulbs" that you can put in the existing fixtures or do you have to replace the entire fixture? All I am seeing is the entire fixtures...
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    Free Fallen Timbers RV Show

    Has anyone in the Toledo area made it out to Fallen Timbers today? Any thoughts on the display? Worth driving out for?