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    Has anyone used Rustoleum Countertop Transformations?

    I was thinking of trying this on the Formica in our PUP. Just wondering if anyone has any experience. Thanks!
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    "wood" linoleum. How to make it look like new?

    I have googled and searched in this forum but maybe I am not using the proper terms. Our jayco had the old linoleum covered with (I assume) stick on "wood" linoleum. Now, however, it is dingy and scratched from the previous owner using it a lot at the beach with sand, etc. How do I bring it...
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    There are so many boards on here. Did I miss it or is there not one for vintage PUPS? I feel like an oddball sometimes...everyone has something so new. Not a bad thing, I just lean toward vintage and redo.
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    2013 - Texas Fall Rally

    Hello Texas Puppers! Here is all the info! Camping Rally November 8-10th. Leisure Resort 1 River Road Fentress, TX 78622 512.213.0112 800.248.4103 On Facebook as Leisure Resort RV Park On the banks of the San Marcos River, the resort is located: 13 miles from...
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    Texans, talk me down or buy it before me! I want her so bad I can't see straight! Thinking about going to see her tomorrow but dh might shoot me. This would be our second PUP.
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    My newest dream

    Thanks to the vintage rally we attended this weekend: And those nearby...stay back! she will be mine ;) j/k If you want her take her, she will be a beauty with a LOT of sweat equity and $$. I just want a Shasta now. Really, really bad.
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    Anyone on Pinterest that pins restoration ideas?

    Just wondering, since I have a board and am obsessed at the moment...
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    Weekly photo?

    Is/was this a forum? I can't find it anymore and I love the rainbows over Rushmore. Would love to see more. Here is one of our pond in the early morn with fog rising: edited: crud, did it again. Forgive a newbie. Working on it. edited again: got it!
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    Help, lost on the portal ;)

    Well, can't get the pic to load. Here is a link. So appropriate. Used recite to make it. Okay, I have work to do. Seriously getting off now.
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    1988 Jayco Dove 6 (new to us)

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    Redo...1988 Jayco Dove 6

    Hello all, I have learned so much from this board and I am thankful that it is here! We are headed to our ranch this weekend (where the PUP is located and still up) to see how it survived in the rain headed our way. I plan to take before pics and post them and my progress here. What is...
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    1988 jayco electrical question

    Hello all. Very new here but long time tent campers. I have read the manual and everything says it is 15 amp. But talking to a shop (trusted by my father, we had jaycos growing up) they say I need 30 amps to run the ac?! I am confused. The ac/heater does not have it's own plug. When plugged...
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    Hello! Newbie with a Jayco from Texas

    Hello! I'm Wendy and my dh is Marlin. We have three children 19, 17 and 11. We just purchased a 1988 Jayco Dove 6 in lovely shape. Just needs a jack welded and some minor canvas repair (thankfully, I sew). We do plan to completely redo the interior even though it doesn't need it at all...