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    Campground Etiquette - VERY important subject matter :)

    Probably one the MOST important things for you to remember when first entering a CG is be sure to utilize proper CG etiquette ... and of course , this DOES include that when entering the CG ... pulling in properly ... [:O] So , for all you that are not quite sure how NOT to pull into the CG ...
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    So where will YOU be when the DARKNESS falls upon ALL of us ?

    Ok , NASA says we are going to experience 3 days ( 72 hours ) of total darkness ( yes , the entire world ) on Dec 21 , 22, and 23 of this year due to a sun storm . So , are you going to be one that freaks out and looses it ? Or you going to go about "business" as usual , OR ... your just...
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    Boondocking and generators - how much gas

    Just something me and the wife had discussions about and she says that me bringing "extra" is useless ...
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    To camp or to party ? Which one did you come for

    Ok , yes ... I am one sided here and maybe its my age , maybe its how I grew up .. or maybe its just I am not what you would call a "party" person . I believe in having a good time and having a good time to me does NOT mean getting drunk and loud and obnoxious. Now , I am NOT against a few...
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    Spook Cave campgound - McGregor Iowa

    [:(!] This is one spot I would NOT recommend unless you can sleep with a canon going off along side you .. why , due to the fact that there are train tracks less than a football field length ( at the furthest point from the tracks to the sites , otherwise , the sites are all closer ) and...