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    I think a rebuild is in order.

    My PUP is showing her age and the effects of the humid southern climate. I already had to replace a section of the floor and now another spot is getting pretty soft. I also have several wall sections that have come loose from the floor & I suspect that rot is part of the culprit. The...
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    Popup Portal Flag

    I ordered my Popup Portal Flag last week and am anxious to get it before our next trip (July). Thanks Popup Portal for offering this for us. I'm hoping it will be a good conversation starter and point more locals to the portal.
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    Watch out for this guy!!

    Don't know if this has been around for a while, but it's scary funny. Hope it isn't real. Video Link:
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    Guys Only Camping Trips

    Last summer, we had a "Guys Only" camping trip and had a really good time. Last year, we had me & my son, two of my BIL's, my nephews, and one of their friends. It was a great weekend with the guys. The adults were able to relax and enjoy the time together while the boys (all teens) were...
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    Scary Thought - - -

    It's actually quite funny, but my DW and I were walking around the campground loop this weekend looking at all of the setups and she actually was talking about how it may be nice to have a Hybrid or other non-popup. When I was first considering moving from the tents to the PUP, it seemed like...
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    LA Fontainebleau State Park - July 3-6, 2015

    Lucked up and got one of the last sites at Fontainebleau State Park (Mandeville, LA) for the 4th of July weekend.
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    LA Bogue Chitto - March 13-15, 2015

    Made reservations for next weekend at Bogue Chitto State Park in Franklinton, LA. We've stayed there before (last year) and am looking forward to our first outing this year. If any of you PUP members are out there, stop by and say hello. We'll be in the upper campground, site #40 (near the...
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    Fontainebleau State Park this weekend (5/2 - 5/4)

    Heading to Fontainebleau State Park this weekend. I'll keep an eye out for any fellow PUP'ers that may be in the area.
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    LA - Bogue Chitto State Park

    Took our first trip to Bogue Chitto State Park in Franklinton, LA this weekend; so, here's a campground review for anyone interested. We stayed in the Upland RV Area (Site 38). Here are pros and cons of the camping areas and overall park: Upland RV Area Pro - Campsites are pretty level...
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    Skye's first camping trip

    We're heading up to Bogue Chitto State Park (Franklinton, LA) on Friday. It'll be our 12 week old Siberian Husky, Skye's first trip. She'll be joining in with our other two camping buddies Dusty & Lola (Cocker Spaniels). We are a bit anxious since it'll be her first trip. Since she's not...
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    Bogue Chitto State Park this Weekend

    Finally looks like a weekend with some descent weather; so, we'll be heading up to Bogue Chitto State Park in Franklinton, LA for the weekend. It'll be our first trip to Bogue Chitto other than a drive-by; so, I'll be sure to post a review in the Louisiana Campgrounds section of the forum. We...
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    Louisiana State Park Camping Reservations

    I hit ReserveAmerica earlier this week to see if any of our nearby campgrounds had any open sites for the weekend. At first, I said "Wow" because there was not a single LA State Park returned in the search. I then went to the LA State Parks website ( ) and...
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    Tow Vehicle - Good & Bad News

    First the Bad News: Had a run-in with an icy bridge, guard rail, and car hauler trailer with my '06 F-150 over the holidays. I was towing a car hauler trailer with another pick-up on it for my brother and had a little accident. We were going slow at about 45 mph when we hit a rough bridge...
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    Heading to Ft. Wilderness in the morning

    We'll be heading out to Ft. Wilderness in the morning (5/24). Any other PUP members going to be there? I've seen numerous reviews here; but, we'll let you know our thoughts after the trip.
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    Fully Committed to the PUP

    We're even more committed to PUP camping now . . . After two years of camping with the PUP, we have taken another small step (sort of). We were cleaning out the garage this weekend and trying to do some additional organization to make sure things are stored neatly and accessible. I was in a...
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    Road Trip to D.C. and back (July 5 thru 15)

    I had posted a thread previously ( about making the reservations for our trip. We'll be pulling out in 2 days (July 5) not to return home for 10 days (July 15) for the longest trip we've ever taken with the PUP. Longest in...
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    Another good thing about traveling with the PUP

    Guess you could call this a SPUT ("Simple" Pop-Up Trick). [:D] We were at Gulf Shores this past weekend and were packing up to head home. Got the PUP all packed up and closed down and was going to hook up the TV to head home. "Oh No!! [:(]" the battery was dead on the Expedition (TV). No...
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    2001 Expedition Expedition after market tow package

    Just wanted to post this for anyone that has a similar TV that they need configured for towing. I have finally finished completely configuring my 2001 Ford Expedition for towing our PUP. Here's a break-down of the mods I did to the Expedition which should work for most similar vehicles...
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    Survival/Essentials Preparedness

    To go along with the "Top 5 Outdoor Skills" thread (see ), I decided to post a listing of survival/essentials that one may want to keep with them to "be prepared". Whenever I go hiking, hunting, or otherwise into the back country, I carry a...
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    Gulf Shores June 1-3

    Booked and ready to go to Gulf State Park (Gulf Shores, AL) June 1 thru June 3. Can't wait.