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    Let's not let this "Blow Up" on us..thoughts on inflatable boats

    So, I was just browsing Amazon for Christmas Presents and somehow came across a blow up dinghy which has really got me thinking. I have no idea why this thought never crossed my mind as I used to own a Sailboat and had a pretty sturdy, solid-floor 10' dinghy we towed behind for traveling to...
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    Cyber Monday Savings on Florida State Parks

    Got the email this morning saying you'll save a few bucks if you're planning a trip to a Florida State Park.
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    Debating a Remodel

    Some of you know I recently sold my p'up and went to the darkside. The others now do, lol. The unit I bought, while in great condition, is 12 years old and thereby "dated" in the DW's opinion of all things interior design. So, like a lot of men, I know what "it's fine" or "I mean, it's a...
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    LP cover in the way of WDH! Cut it??

    So, the NTU Velocity is getting mated to a Reese WDH. As you can see here, some engineer tried to make it a smidge more aerodynamic with the LP/Battery cover; They went so far as to put indents in each side, I’m assuming, just for the lift brackets of a WDH since this style is so common...
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    Had A “Smell” and Got it Out

    My NTU Velocity had a dreaded “odor” to it when I first looked at it. Being an avid researcher and having previous exposure I was pretty well aware of what to both look for and sniff for. My DW is part bloodhound, I believe, because she smell things like mold or smoke or pets from miles away...
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    One thing I didn’t consider when making the leap

    So, thru all the excitement of selling the pup and the thrill of finding the perfect TT for us, the one thing that got overlooked was the dreaded black tank. My pup had a cassette toilet that was really only used for...ummm...liquid disposal. The way Thetford designed that system was a breeze...
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    Boy that was Darksider

    Soooo, I told you all I have OCD, so of course I’ve already sold the pup and bought this; Viking Velocity 22RS-the “S” is a bedslide; Getting dark here so that’s the best pic I could share but she’s here and the title is in the house. Went backwards in year (2008-2006) but gained the...
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    Is it a Hybrid or dark side

    Doing some “move up shopping” and came across this; So tell me, is this a Hybrid or is it the “Dark Side”?
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    Dilemma time; Trading the Pup for a Pop?

    Well, well, well....leave it to Mr. OCD to go from not having a camper, to full-on, everything is camper, camper, camper, to already contemplating the trade to a hybrid. What the?? But hey, the only difference, technically, is that those of us with true OCD might move a little faster in some...
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    Before I Do Something Wrong; Let's talk Goshen

    Truth is, the DW would add the word "again" after the word something in the title, but meh. Anyway, as a reminder the p'up is a 2008 Viking Epic 2108ST, I have the Goshen Lift System, 2660 Series (rectangular lift posts). The top is going up an inch or so higher than the rear is. Found the...
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    Don’t Have One, Should I...All about awnings

    Title clears up the topic, but let me share some questions; 1) We all know about the available options for bag awnings. My pup still has the feet mounts for the poles to come back to the pup and, of course, the rail. I know I can buy one, but what are the thoughts on making one? I’ve figured 7...
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    Who else is using a Canyon/Colorado TV?

    Ok “dark siders”, time to come clean. DW and I bought the pup for a couple of reasons, one being we have our eyes on going dark. Wife is digging camping more than she thought so that could happen within the next year as opposed to a few years down the road. Main reason is we plan to do quite a...
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    Labor of Love

    Even though I feel like I shared all these pics in various threads when I was asking (and thankfully receiving) tons of help but I can never resist another opportunity to brag on our new pup and the wife’s great idea for decorating. It’s a 2008 Viking Epic 2108ST and here’s how the factory...
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    No Bunk End “Stops”?

    In my recent, successful maiden camping voyage it came to my attention there’s no bunk end stops when pulling out each bed. I can’t see where there might have been at some point but it seems logical there would’ve been something installed by Viking when they built this pup? I noticed when...
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    What to do when a rivet goes?

    Noticed a rivet gave up on the bunk end canvas support while tightening the bed rails. Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m all for buying new tools, but I don’t currently own a river gun. Any thoughts about using a thin bolt/nut through a slim spacer? Other ideas? Or, am I left with no choice but to...
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    Tighten Those Bunk End Rollers

    So, at the campground, doing a little “I’m bored” maintenance and noticed that one of the attachment post wheels on our bunk end was quite a bit wider than the others. Twist the nut and it turned by hand. Yikes! Got out the correct socket (7/16th on my Viking) and proceeded to tighten it...
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    Thetford Cassette moved outside

    So, I asked in my wiring help thread for thoughts on using one of the small 12 volt batteries for the water pump in my Thetford. What I wanted to do was make it portable. I did just that. I used a little battery from an old small riding mower, put quick clips on the wires and it works like a...
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    Maiden Voyage - Ft DeSoto Park

    We made it and got initiated immediately because we had to set up in the rain, woot! Figured we earn our stripes immediately; Site #45 on the water and directly across from the showers. Nice and private because they’ve let the trees and foliage grow between sites. Hopefully it won’t rain all...
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    Thetford 402C - water pump issues

    So, I thought I’d share in the event someone else has this problem. The water pump went out on my cassette toilet. It has the electric flush. And if you have one and have the problem, you’ll quickly find that the replacement is about $40. Just a basic little 12v sump pump. Pretty easy to dish...
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    Therefore 402C Cassette Question

    So in anticipation of next weeks trip I finally got around to the Thetford and found 2, evidently common, issues. One, the water pump is bad. Fished it out of the tank and confirmed it, new one is enroute. Problem #2 is the blade post evidently broke off and is nowhere to be found. The only...