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  1. J

    Not a camper, but a very unique tent

    I have never seen anything like this before.....Tree Tents
  2. J

    Many traveling South

    I live directly off I-75 (I-75 goes from Northern Michigan to Southern Florida). This weekend, I noticed A LOT 5th wheelers heading Southbound (many Michigan and Canadian license plates). Why would people be heading South with a camper for Christmas? I assume most of these people are retired...
  3. J

    1 lb propane tank adapter for full size grill

    Has anyone used an adapter to use a 1 lb propane tank in an emergency on a full size grill? I just ordered one, but I'm wondering about how many minutes of grill time it allows from a 1 lb tank?
  4. J

    Thoughts on tent camping and set-up time...

    I just camped last weekend with Boy Scouts. I used a tent that I just purchased in the summer for the week long scout summer camp. The troop has leader tents, but I prefer to sleep alone. The 20 year old LLBean dome tent that served my family well finally gave out. I just couldn't waterproof...
  5. J

    Need help....Reese receiver lock won't come off

    I have a Reese receiver lock like this.... We used a receiver hitch reducer last fall for our bike rack. I left the reducer on all winter. It didn't look too bad. I used a few squirts of WD-40...
  6. J

    Quick delivery

    Just a shout out and a thank you for the extremely quick delivery of the Popup Portal flag I ordered. I never expected it would arrive so fast!!!!! Now I just have to figure out how to display it.
  7. J

    Brix campers

    The Aussies really seem innovative in their approach to designs. I love the slide out kitchen....wish folding trailers here had it (I know, we did 50 years ago...back when there was real innovation in designs.)
  8. J

    Now this is light weight

    Something even a SmartCar could tow :) (It even has stabilizers...)
  9. J

    Electric Heat

    Just had a discussion with a cousin of mine. He is an Eagle Scout and a Scout Master, and enjoys Winter camping. He roughs it with the troop, but also has a TT for he and his wife. They camp all year. He told me that he just converted his TT from propane to electric heat. His view is why should...
  10. J

    Not sure why

    Not sure the purpose of this, but sure looks funny...
  11. J

    Try the beds before buying

    Make sure the bunk end beds fit everyone before you purchase, or you might end up like this....
  12. J

    Coil SumoSprings installed

    We had an issue with rear sag when towing with our RAV4 Sport. I looked into the Firestone Coil-Rite Air Helper Springs. I know many members here have the Firestone Coil-Rite Air Helper Springs, and have many years of trouble-free, positive experiences with them. But multiple owners on the RAV...
  13. J

    Refilling tank

    I purchased a new tank and had it filled at a new place, which happens to be much closer. It is new and mostly deals with golf carts. When the guy came out to fill my tank, I noticed that there were no scales. He told me that they don't need to use scales with the newer OPD valves....he just...
  14. J

    Coil SumoSprings

    I've been looking for something to help reduce rear end say while towing. I've read mixed reviews about the use of air bags inside the springs. I've also read mixed reviews about replacing the rear springs with the slightly stiffer springs from the 3 row RAV (Our TV is a 2009 RAV4 Sport). I...
  15. J

    Scary story with happy ending

    I ran across this. Check out the pictures.
  16. J

    ADCO SFS AquaShed cover vs. ADCO DuPont Tyvek RV cover

    ADCO added a third type of cover for popups to their offerings in recent with the Tyvek top. I'm interested in the Tyvek version due to the white color not absorbing as much sunlight (keeping it from heating up too much). According to DuPont, Tyvek "repels the water and keeps...
  17. J

    Bag for your porta potti

    If you thought you had everything for camping, think again.... It might actually be handy in some circumstances. [PP] If you have a bag for your BAL, why not a bag for your potti? [:D]
  18. J

    New Quicksilver XLP by Livinlite

    Livinlite is expanding the Quicksilver line with the addition of the Quicksilver XLP. They now have a model that has built-in propane, furnace, frig, cassette potty, front storage, etc.. I personally like the XLP-SD floor plan. I think more people...
  19. J

    Kimberly Karavan from Australia

    Kimberly Karavan from Australia is a unique hard sided folding trailer. KIMBERLEY KARAVAN
  20. J

    Kind of like...

    Most of us have seen the video of the VW Bug pulling a unique trailer. VW bug pulling a 5th wheel camper. Fun! Here is another one kind of like it, but on a much larger scale... ULTIMATE 5TH WHEEL CAMPER! And another built for mid-size cars. Camper catches air!