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    Food Storage Advice

    Hello! We're planning our next adventure and trying to figure out the best approach to storing "dry" foods. These are foods I wouldn't normally refrigerate or have in a cooler, but may not hold up too well in a hot hot car in 90F weather. Ie. Peanut butter or.... marshmallows. We camp in...
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    Trailer Lights

    So we finally got a controller installed for our pup's electric brakes. We've plugged it into the TV for the first time and none of the lights are working on the trailer. The brakes seem to be working, the controller reads voltage output on the lights. We've checked the ground wiring and all...
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    No sink - options

    Please forgive me if Plumbing is not the right place for this question. Our pup has the sink removed a few owners prior to us. I purchased a folding table camp sink for sites where we do have water hook-up. Unfortunately, most of our sites will not have the water hookup. I was wondering if...
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    Pets, Kids & Camping

    Do those of you who take your pets with you and your family while camping - do you find it difficult to coordinate things to do with the kids? We would like to take our dog with us for most camp trips, but we won't be leaving her in the PUP alone at all. This would make use of pools, lakes...
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    Campground type ettiquittes

    Not to sound silly but, Is there an unspoken (or maybe spoken) rule about what types of sites we should book with our pop up? I'm looking mostly at PA State Parks and at "Modern Electric" sites, but some parks I think show it as Full Hook Up. Then when I find a free spot, is it ok to take...
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    Work-Around for Glide Tape

    Hello! We just brought our camper home yesterday & I'm already planning the redecorating bc that's just me. :grin: Our curtains use this glide tape track. I want to replace them but I REALLY want...
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    Took the pop-up plunge

    Today, we took the plunge and bought our very first pop up! We are super excited to get on the road this spring/summer! SPAM me with all your space saving/packing tips!
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    Weight! Ack! Help me clarify!

    I'm sure you have all answered this 100x's each - and I've read some of the posts so I'm sorry but for some reason I'm still so confused. Our vehicle tow max is listed at 3,500 (w 1 person). I've been looking at older pop ups with manufacturer listed dry weights at a max of 2,500lbs...
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    Advice on potential pop up

    We are looking into purchasing our first pop up camper. We've found a 1998 Starcraft for what seems like a reasonable price. When we looked at it, everything seems to be in terrific shape - with the exception of what looks like some rust on the corner of the outside body casing. The interior...