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    Clifty Creek, Madison Indiana??

    One of he sites I work is across the street from Clifty Creek ....the folks inside say the camping is nice. Anyone been there?
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    Adding a Fender Skirt to Popup?

    My pop up has straight sides, as in the wall is continuous over the wheel well, which makes changing the tire nearly impossible. It takes a lot of maneuvering and a few choice words to get the tire in there, and it has to be devoid of air pressure as well. I have looked inside the wheel well...
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    Grayton Beach

    Grayton State Park review - we only stayed here a few nights, but we enjoyed it. Sites were nice, bathrooms were probably the best we have seen in a long time! We would stay here again without hesitation! Ocean was beautiful (about a half-mile walk or drive).
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    Broken Bed - almost a serious problem

    We almost had a bad evening - we drove 4.5 hours to Huntsville, AL (staying at the Rocket Center RV park). Got here in good time, no issues with the TV, got everything set up, ready to go. I was very happy the AC was working correctly (had a condensate drain issue previously). Laid down, and...
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    New Option for a Bike Carrier

    SO we camp on weekends mostly, and the kids are always wanting to bring their bikes. We couldn't come up with a decent mode of transporting them....until I came up with this..... Costs: $10 for the hitch mount bike carrier $20 for the 1.25-inch x 12-inch hitch tube Added hitch...
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    Rocket Center RV Park?

    We are planning on staying here on our way down to FL this summer. I stayed here many many years ago, and don't remember a thing about it (other than watching our tent roll across the campground in a storm). Planning on two nights.
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    Henderson State Park?

    We are headed to Destin for my brother's wedding - we are considering staying at Henderson State Park instead of the ridiculously expensive resort they are staying in.....we are doing other stuff on the way down - Rocket Center, and maybe something on the way home. Any thoughts on the...
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    Boo - soft ceiling

    We noticed a little wrinkled vinyl on out last trip, and now there is a soft spot :( We have been down this road already with our last camper....really don't want to repeat that. Maybe, just maybe, replacing the AC seal will stop any further water intrusion...pretty sure that's where it's...
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    O'bannon State Park?

    Looking at O'bannon state park for ourselves and several family members - anyone have any experience with the campgrounds?
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    Elizabethtown Crossings

    Stayed here a couple of night this weekend - never knew it was there, and I have probably driven by there a thousand times. Campground was decent, owners were nice and helpful. Sites were very close in, there might have been four feet from our awning to the slide out on the next...
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    New Sink Drain Question

    Have a question for you guys - I have a Coleman with a sink drain on the floor of the camper - dumb idea, doesn't work. I am moving the drain to the sidewall of the camper for height and ease of use. When I get ready to drill the hole through the side wall, is there any way of telling where...
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    New 12-inch DO!

    The wife decided we needed a bigger DO! We went to Cabela's who had the lowest advertised price we could find for a 12-inch oven....they didn't have any Lodge ovens in stock, so we opted for the Cabelas version. We stopped at Walmart on the way home (a different one that we normal go to), and...
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    Upgrading the tailights

    Has anyone found a reasonable alternative to adding some light to the tail lights? The 1157 bulbs are not very bright in the tail lenses of our pup.....last week we pulled the pup through a rain storm, and the "fog" produced by the rain spray was enough to make it disappear on the road. I...
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    Wish us luck

    Headed out tonight! Driving 3 hours to Nashville, then tomorrow traveling to Chattanooga, TN. Tonight's Forecast: Sever weather with 50+ mph winds...tomorrow rain until 5pm. The rest of the trip (through tuesday) should be nice.
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    Our setup!

    The front is tipped downhill slightly, but it rides well.....I need a slightly taller hitch for this vehicle.
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    Attempt to fix it myself, or let the dealer?

    Our NTU 95 Coleman Stony Creek has a couple of lift issues...first it needs height adjustments in one corner. The other problem is the ratcheting mechanism isn't functioning as it should. Currently we have to crank up the top, and bungie the handle in place...otherwise it slowly lets itself...
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    DO cooking for a vegetarian?

    We have been poking around on the forums for a few weeks and found some very interesting information.... We were looking at the Cobb Grill I saw on here....very cool, just too small and slow for we are looking at the Dutch Ovens. I am a vegetarian, the rest of the family is...