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  1. JustRelax

    New style of camping for me - working while camping

    So last year I decided I wanted to camp a bit longer in the season and have a bit more comfort so I made the transition from the hybrid to a full side all season camper. Fast forward to May this year I got let go from my job, which turned out to be a blessing in disguise as I was out of work...
  2. JustRelax

    The Ultraskiff!

    There's a lot of ideas/questions for hauling boats on here so check out this new portable "boat". This to me looks more appealing than a blow up of any kind and can roll anywhere/be transported upright in the truck. It's also relatively affordable.
  3. JustRelax

    Gander Mountain now part of Camping World ugh....

    Looks like Gander Mountain will reopen in some locations as Gander Outdoors. Camping World bought them in bankrupcy:
  4. JustRelax

    Ready for football

    Well since my local NBC affiliate and direct tv are in a pissing contest and blocked out on my satellite since yesterday (great timing) I guess I'll be watching the game in the camper tonight on anteanna. I want to see if they show the stadium with all the goodell clown towels. Hope they get...
  5. JustRelax

    Solution to pulling a 5th wheel with SUV

    Turn it into a bumper pull o_O
  6. JustRelax

    First Change to Signature - New TV

    Well, I had to update my signature to include my new TV. I traded the Explorer in for an Expedition. That's because I will be changing my signature again any day now with another kid in the family. We haven't found out what we are having so I can't update yet. We realized that with 4 kids...
  7. JustRelax

    The space of a TT combo'd with a PUP

    I've never seen this option before. How about a toy hauler that has the back part of the roof open up like a PUP and into a loft room? Maybe a maintenance headache but possibly a compromise for those that love the open air of canvass with the amenities of a TT. Video is old...
  8. JustRelax

    Finally Pulled the Trigger - 21TQX

    Well after our annual trial trip in the yard to prep the PUP and my wife strongly suggesting it's time for a bigger camper - we brought home our NTU 2013 Coachmen Freedom Express 21TQX. I must say that I am very happy with the decision. Obviously the interior space is fantastic. I has...
  9. JustRelax

    Looking for info: Burt Lake - Michigan

    So I have to do a machine buyoff in Harbor Springs in a few weeks. I see that Burt Lake is not too far away and seems to be a decent size lake with a park attached. Since that is my last name I wanted to check it out and maybe stop by the visitor center or camp store and get some souvenirs for...
  10. JustRelax

    Indiana Fee schedule changes

    If you are planning a trip to Indiana campgrounds this summer - book soon to save a few bucks. The annual gate pass is also going up. Email I received today: -- The quicklink didn't come over when I copied so the link to fee changes is...
  11. JustRelax

    Impromptu Camp Driveway scratched the itch

    Well I scouted out a new campground for us on Saturday and I was kicking myself for not hitching up the pup. I mentioned it to the wife before we left and she didn't have it packed... When we got home I picked up sticks around the yard and had some brush that accumulated over the winter so I...
  12. JustRelax

    Labor Day 2015

    Today is the 6 month window for Labor Day 2015. Got mine reserved!
  13. JustRelax

    Indiana looking for camp hosts

    Indiana DNR is actively looking for camp hosts. Saw this posted on social media this morning. Just wanted to post link in case anyone might be interested.
  14. JustRelax

    Camping World buys another good one...

    Looks like Camping World is buying out all 3 Tom Raper locations. Bought mine at Tom Raper, will be tough to buy my next one at Camping World I think. Wasn't impressed at the one in Greenwood...
  15. JustRelax

    Memorial Day 2015 reservation window open now

    Just a friendly reminder to those that want to camp with the crazies that the 6 month reservation window for memorial day weekend is today November 22!
  16. JustRelax

    Camping at races

    So I'm kicking around possibly making a long weekend at a race next year. Those of you who have done it what is the experience? Any to avoid? I'm open to more than just Nascar. I'm thinking the indycars and mid-Ohio - can you see racing from your spot? Bristol would be another possibility...
  17. JustRelax

    Indy fall RV Show

    Just an FYI for anyone in the Indianapolis area looking for something to do the fall rv show is this weekend at the state fairgrounds. $7 at the door and I think Marsh has $2 off coupons. It is an indoor show. I went last year and it is less crowded than the big show in February so you have a...
  18. JustRelax

    Light Pollution

    I know it was labor day camping but what's up with all the lights? I had seasoned campers on either side of me this weekend and were good neighbors otherwise but their lights were awful. One had a stage type LED sitting under their step into the camper. The other had a lantern that they...
  19. JustRelax

    Weather Radio

    I was going to post this in the topic(s) on the Virginia storm but out of respect will keep those for condolences and information. How many carry a weather radio with them? I have a SAME radio and I program the county I am in in addition to the counties north, south and west of me. I bought...
  20. JustRelax

    Renewed faith in parenting

    I went to a state park pool this weekend. I was standing in line for the concessions to get my kids a piece of candy. There was a group of 5 kids in front of me. One boy about 10 seemed to be a bully. He slugged (hard hit) what I'm assuming his little sister about 7 in the shoulder for...