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  1. JustRelax

    Nostalgia clouding judgement

    Out of all posts about fixing an old camper up and if it’s worth it, I’d say yours is one of the only ones that make sense to pursue.
  2. JustRelax

    hitch for bike rack

    There are racks that fit over the spare tire and lock to it made specifically for jeeps. Not sure if it will interfere with turn radius. The first one google showed on search, giving the example not endorsing it specifically...
  3. JustRelax

    Insurance for pups

    This question comes up a lot and it depends on your situation. Typically your vehicle insurance only covers an accident while towing. If something happens at camp it typically isn’t covered. The likelihood of needing it is slim but most of the time the price is right for the piece of mind. I...
  4. JustRelax

    PUPs true value

    Search that model on google and see what other dealers are advertising it for. If the site says call for price call and ask for their best price. Pricing is a bit regional on campers so a national average database isn’t the best way to figure out the best deal. The local dealer will say buy from...
  5. JustRelax

    Unused reserved spots

    I think most of us on this site are considerate and there are very many regional differences regarding this. More popular areas this can be a big deal and others not so much. Personally I don’t agree with site must be occupied or reservation is cancelled. We have never not shown up for a trip...
  6. JustRelax

    using cruise control

    When I had the pup I used cruise when it made sense to. After reading responses I’ll add that I also switched in and out of tow haul. I started this with my boat and applied it to the pup. I made a mostly interstate trip and left tow/haul with overdrive off and I was amazed at how much gas it...
  7. JustRelax

    Canoe vs. kayak for PUP hauling & camping

    Go with separate kayaks. My son was paddling his own at 5. He’s 9 now and for Christmas he wanted accessories for “his” yak.
  8. JustRelax

    Camping with a hybrid on a "tent" site

    Tent sites are usually restricted by size not the type of material over the bed. Pop ups work on tent sites because of the smaller trailer size. Just because the beds are canvass doesn’t mean you are a “tent”. A hard side rPod would qualify for more tent sites than most hybrids. Calling the...
  9. JustRelax

    Why go camping if you're afraid of the dark?

    I generally agree, the way I really feel is if my neighbor blasts his lights I should be allowed to blast my music. Take quiet hours away too.
  10. JustRelax

    Why go camping if you're afraid of the dark?

    Is there a petition we can start to add light restrictions to quiet hours? Light later into the evening is a much greater problem than noise in my opinion. I think it is due to mostly ignorance not thinking you are bothering your fellow camper. If it was in the rules then more would become aware...
  11. JustRelax

    Wanted: PUP that will sleep 6 with a weight under 3000 lbs

    So people occasionally post campers in the for sale and wanted, and normally link their CL or marketplace ad, but it's not like a Jeep forum where people buying and selling axles, wheels, etc is commonplace. On those sites "does anyone near Austin, TX have a set of rock rails" will likely...
  12. JustRelax

    Wanted: PUP that will sleep 6 with a weight under 3000 lbs

    So are you asking for recommendations for models or just soliciting campers for sale near you?
  13. JustRelax

    Ever 'rented' your camper?

    I’ve used mine as a guest house for friends and family that visit, but as others have said I wouldn’t rent it to people I don’t know. Collecting money puts you in a whole different category of liability as well and a policy to cover yourself wouldn’t bd worth it on one unit. I’d only consider...
  14. JustRelax

    Bypassing at the water pump

    every camper I’ve had is set up as I described. All the three way diverters that have been shown have threads so you also have to purchase nipples with a threaded end. Also in my experience even adding Teflon threaded connections leak over time.
  15. JustRelax

    Bypassing at the water pump

    You need a couple shut off valves, a tee, and hose/clamps 1. Cut the existing hose on the tank side of the pump 2. add a shut off valve 3. add a bit of hose and the tee 4. Connect the pump side of the hose to part of the tee without a shut off valve 5. add enough hose to stick to the bottom...
  16. JustRelax

    Amazon Pricing Games

    What if the trick is to raise the price in your save for later price so you delete it then they lower the price less than originally offered so you think you’re getting a deal aren’t most amazon items listed by individual sellers that they just take a percentage on? Is it amazon pricing or the...
  17. JustRelax

    How much propane should I bring?

    From everything I’ve read, the propane furnace in the camper is far safer than an unattended space heater. I’d be uneasy falling asleep with an electric heater running all night. For a week agree with others. One should do it but two will keep you far more comfortable not worrying about...
  18. JustRelax

    When parked at home questions

    I leave mine plugged in. My personal opinion on fridge is unless you’re keeping it stocked why run it empty and use power that isn’t necessary. If keeping it stocked what are you keeping in there a month that can’t come inside? If it’s the beer fridge and an excuse to check on the camper and...
  19. JustRelax

    Leaving campfires unattended (AKA ticking off Smokey the Bear)

    Thanks for this response. This makes sense to me. I thought the same but was told it had to be completely extinguished so putting a small amount of water in it was pointless. I said well if it’s pointless I’m not putting any water on it because I’m not going to ruin my fire pit for the weekend...
  20. JustRelax

    How late do you stay up?

    When the kids were young I used to smoke my cigar by the fire after I cleaned up and they went to bed and we would come in around 12/1. Now that they’re older, the wife hangs out with me instead of having an hour in the camper putting them to bed and we’re usually in by 11:30 and my cigar...