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  1. jeeper88

    alum roof cleaning

    What does everyone use to clean the roof and black streaks on there camper?
  2. jeeper88

    whiffel tree thrust bearing

    I have a new thrust bearing on the way from Beckleys. My pup is hard to crank up and grinds going up or down. My question is has anyone had this problem? How hard is it to replace? I know it a sealed bearing and the tree is a 6713 series. Any advice on making this job easier or something I need...
  3. jeeper88

    Oldest Pop Up Member

    Who is our oldest pop up member that is still cranking the crank? I know I'm not, I'm 66..
  4. jeeper88

    Bed Wedgies

    I have been looking for the site to order a set. Does anyone know what it is??
  5. jeeper88

    Lube the screw

    Can I lube the lift system with the roof up?
  6. jeeper88

    Surge Suppressor

    I have been doing a lot of reading about surge suppressors. Its like looking for a cold medicine, all kinds of them. Looking for a 30 amp. Any suggestions?
  7. jeeper88

    camp grounds/camp host

    Im getting ready to retire and I have been checking out the campgrounds around the US. Since a lot of you have traveled across the states, where do you think the best campgrounds are? We like kayaking, hiking, and biking. We have also considered camp host positions. I saw a few out west that...
  8. jeeper88

    converter problems

    WFCO Arterra WF-8725-PB Power Converter Here is what I have. My neighbor told me to plug into his 30 amp so I did. Well it was a 220 30 amp. My 12 volt side still works not 110 side. I found the internal fuse and it is blown. Not sure if it is soldered in or a pull out fuse and I cant tell...
  9. jeeper88

    beat the tire horse again!!

    So I know somewhere this thread has evolved over and over... But can someone help me out? Going to replace my tires and I would like to use radials.. If its not a good idea what is the load range letter i need to look for on a biased tire?
  10. jeeper88


    Well here we go!!! how do you tie down ur pop up in cat 3 wind!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Im in the center of Irma this sun!!
  11. jeeper88

    Tow Vehicel

    How many has a Nissan Titan for a TV? Mine is an 07 and have you done any xtras for towing? Such as leveling kit or air bags to make towing better.
  12. jeeper88

    Power Jack

    [MOD] Has anyone installed a 12volt jack on the frame of a Fleetwood Westlake. The bunk supports are rite where the jack would mount to.
  13. jeeper88

    yellowing windows

    Is there a product that will clean vinyl windows... I have a couple windows that is turning yellow and is there a protective chemical that I can spry on them??
  14. jeeper88

    yellowing plastic windows?????????

    My windows I noticed are starting to turn yellow. Does anyone know of something I can restore them with....
  15. jeeper88

    A/C just shuts off

    I have a Coleman a/c that shuts off at the breaker after about 5 mins of running. The air is cold and starts rite up. Did notice the male end of the plug to the wall is getting a little warm. Any ideas, I have not had any problems at all with it, kinda like over nite it went south on me.
  16. jeeper88

    Tongue Jacks

    I am looking to replace my tongue jack with an electric one. Any pros or cons.
  17. jeeper88

    Center Seam seal

    08 fleetwood westlake. I am getting ready to pull the center strip and putty it or silicone it when I put it back on. I have no leaks that I know of. It is starting to look bad and thought of fixing it before it started leaking. Does anyone have pics of where they replaced theres? Which is...
  18. jeeper88

    O8 Fleetwood Westlake Roof

    Can anyone tell me why and how my roof could separate from side to side with a/c braces. As far as I can tell the roof is not leaking and I pulled the control unit off the ceiling and no water leaks there. The trim tape from the ceiling has come loose tho. Is there an easi fix or do I just go...
  19. jeeper88

    Leaving pup plugged in?

    I keep my pup plugged in while parked in the driveway. I have a deep cell marine battery. Is this bad? It goes dead in about 45 days if not plugged in. The only thing that mite drain it is the co2 sensor on the floor I think.
  20. jeeper88

    Towing with fridge on.

    Im heading to ohio tomorrow. I have my fridge on 110 volts cooling in the driveway overrnite. Do I use propane for traveling or switch to 12 volts for the trip north?? [PUC] [TV]