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  1. silvermickey2002

    Trips Booked

    Well, we ended up cancelling our reservations! My wife figured out that a bed for us became available at my MIL shore house!! I'd rather be at the house than 30 min away! Besides, I can now partake in drinking adults beverages with family as we hang out for the evening. It also saves us about...
  2. silvermickey2002

    Baffled after research.

    Ok, here's an idea...Call the RV Hall of Fame in Elkhart, IN. Ask them if they could help identify what you have. It's worth a shot!!! They have all sorts of campers there and they might have an idea what you have.
  3. silvermickey2002

    Propane refill adaptor

    We used to use the 1 lb bottles, but they started to get expensive. So I purchased a 10 lb tank. It has paid for itself at least 3 times over. I costs me $10 to fill. That's a lot cheaper then buying 10 1 lb bottles.
  4. silvermickey2002

    Adding air conditioning

    ^agree, did not think to ask if the roof had braces or not... I've seen some pretty small A/C window units within the last few years. Seems they are getting smaller and lighter!!
  5. silvermickey2002

    Adding air conditioning

    I know you mentioned looking into a window A/C unit to install. Did you look into a small rooftop unit? It will cost more but you won't have to cut a hole in the side and configure cabinets. Just a thought!!
  6. silvermickey2002

    Popup safety roof support - Need a DIY idea

    There are a lot of videos on YouTube that cover maintenance on the Coleman lift system. Here is a thread that talks about the Coleman lift system on this website (
  7. silvermickey2002

    Hi from southern NJ

    Welcome to the portal from Northern, NJ
  8. silvermickey2002

    New Truck New Problems

    ^agree, check all the grounds! Inspect the wiring harness on the pup.
  9. silvermickey2002

    Availability of Food/Prices

    In the local supermarkets we shop at in Morris County, NJ we really haven't seen empty shelves. Once in a while we notice an item is out of stock, but next time we go it's back. Now, as for the prices......they are going up!!!! My wife buys Porterhouse steaks from BJ's Wholesale Club once in a...
  10. silvermickey2002

    Food storage while at the campsite

    When we are not in bear country we have our dry food (non-perishables) in bags (those food recycled food bags for shopping) we keep in the camper. cold stuff in the fridge or in a cooler. While in bear country all food is kept in our SUV. We take it out while prepping a meal. Otherwise it is...
  11. silvermickey2002

    Gas prices

    Technically yes!! NJ still has it that you can't pump your own gas. But it's being brought up for discussion again. On the way back from Atlantic City I filled up at the Wawa on the White Horse Pike (Rt 30) and it was $4.18 a gallon.
  12. silvermickey2002

    Gas prices

    Just filled up yesterday morning and Regular was $4.19 a gallon. And yup, gonna get worse!!!
  13. silvermickey2002

    Portable Device/battery Charging station?

    When I was backpacking I purchased a Power Monkey Extreme. It's a solar charger setup that came with a portable battery that can be charged either plugging it it to an outlet or attaching the solar charger to it. The thing worked great out in the New Mexico wilderness. You could also plug your...
  14. silvermickey2002

    Gas prices

    Just passed the Liberty gas station yesterday and it was now up to $3.59 a gallon. Up from $3.49 on Feb 24th.
  15. silvermickey2002

    Gas prices

    Yeah, here where we live there is no mass transit to get to work. You had to drive!
  16. silvermickey2002

    Whiffletree crank issue? Roof not cranking up.

    Yeah, Youtube has a lot of great videos of the Fleetwood/Coleman lift systems. Quite a few of them walk you thru the maintenance steps. Does the roof crank up ok? Only that pin is rubbing on the panel? Is something pushing the panel from behind?
  17. silvermickey2002

    Gas prices

    I used to go into the office everyday because it was required. Since COVID we went remote. I switched jobs within the company and now I am a permanent remote worker. Don't need a commuter car anymore. In the last 2 years I have saved 22,560 miles in commuting! About 900 gallons of gas. That's...
  18. silvermickey2002

    Harrisburg pa. Rv show

    Good, we did want to go to the Atlantic City RV show, but it was cancelled. Not sure we will get out to Harrisburg though!
  19. silvermickey2002

    Gas prices

    Here at a Liberty station a few towns over where we normally fill up it's $3.49 a gallon for regular. But I do not see us traveling very far with the camper this year with prices going up as much as they expect. Will prob camp within the state this year.
  20. silvermickey2002

    Trips Booked

    I just booked a 9 day stay at Cedar Creek Campground during the summer. We have family coming in from all over and like last year there is no room for the wife and I at my MIL shore house. No big deal, we are only 25-30 minutes from the house. Nice thing is we can set the AC at the temp we want...

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