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    Inherited Jayco Quest and what a quest it will be

    If everything's else works out this year I might invest in new canvas for next season.
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    Inherited Jayco Quest and what a quest it will be

    Folks got out of camping a few years back and they gave me the family PU. She needs some love. Multiple large holes in screens and a couple holes in the canvas. Will also need new mattresses.
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    Been gone for a while but I'm back

    Been gone for a while but I'm back
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    Bodina Resort :|

    They charged pst in alberta?
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    Storage Compartment (trunk) Mod

    think i might try something like this aswell
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    How do I fix hail damage

    Alrighty so I bought my up with the damage it's all cosmetic there's no leaking. I just want to cover it all up and make it look newish
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    Lift supports

    What about there lift systems?
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    Lift supports

    Ok folks please pardon my ignorance. We bought our new too us camper and we are going to use it for the first time on the 18th. Now I was reading that trailers now come with covers that go over the support pillars incase the cable breaks or let's go the roof won't thunder in. Now I have probably...
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    Will a fridge fit in my PU?

    FYI you can rejig a dorm fridge into a chert fridge
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    Big family trying to camp

    Ahhh ingenious suggestion
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    Poor mans project

    putting in eyelets is a fantastic idea was it hard?
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    bar fridge converson

    stumbled accross this today. now maybe its not new to any of you and if its not please throw me your insite. what im going to do is convert a bar fridge into a mini chest fridge that will fit nicely in my PU. i will post pics as i go...
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    Poor mans project

    Did u just run the ratchet straps off the factory tie downs?
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    Big family trying to camp

    I am thinking about upgrading to a excursion. I'm also toying with the idea of building some sort of storage rack inplace of the propane tank
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    Big family trying to camp

    I wish my family fit in a pickup sadly we do not I'm gonna have a son in July bringing our family up to 7 not including the dog
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    Big family trying to camp

    Hi all I'm looking for pointers I'm not new to camping I am new to PU. My question for you all is. Those of you with big families (5+members) how do ya travel? How do you haul everything you need? Do us bring the dog too?
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    SK Rowans Ravine provincal park

    :)went last year for a few days and I'm happy to say I just booked two sites for a week in August
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    Poor mans project

    Sadly one isn't enough for my family I need to figure out extra external storage on my PU
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    Poor mans project

    Oh I'm definitely putting one on the roof of the TV. I have 4.5 kids a dog and a wife we haul a lot of gear
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    Poor mans project

    I wanted to put a roof rack on my PU but I'm kinda iffy on the idea of drilling into the roof. As well I'm cheap as hell. I bought a roof bag last year and it worked great and $30 at Canadian tire you can't go wrong so hers what I'm thinking To secure it I'm thinking I will run ratchet...

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