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    Replacement awning bag?

    Poles are in there part of awning. I had a new bead sewn on too. Seems super strong. Long drive with it coming up and will let you know. Likely will take off for winter. Figure is same stuff a bag so should be good. Used metal cam buckles rather than plastic quick release. Straps are cheap from...
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    $ 7.00 Awning Bag Replacement

    I had four straps sewn to the awning where it attaches to the pop-up awning track. On with a cam buckle on top and a strap underneath.
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    Awning bag replacement

    I have had similar problems. Have been posting since I came up with a repair very recently. I remove the bag, lost it actually, and had some webbing and cam straps sewn above and underneath so it is below the bead that holds the awning to the camper cost me about 90 bucks
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    How to buy a replacement bag awning

    I recently had mine fixed at a marine upholstery business for about 90 bucks I had no bag so I had to rig up something myself using 4 cam straps shown above and then underneath the bead use to attach the awning to the trailer see pics
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    Replacement awning bag?

    Hello I have been surfing this question for a long time looking for an answer. I took matters into my own hands and creative solution that you may find helpful. I did go to a marine upholstery business and had them replace the rope bead and then stitch four straps above and then under the bead...