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    Power pole breakers

    Flip them off or leave them on? I learned to always flip them off when leaving a campsite but what do you guys do and what is your logic for doing so? I’ve set up before and the breakers were on and I always flip them off when breaking camp. My logic is that it’s safer to not have power at...
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    Got ice?

    The last couple of times out I’ve seen a couple of portable ice makers at other sites, a fiver and a humongous tt. Wondering if any of you have one and whether they’re worth the extra weight or bother. We don’t go through a ton of ice, but being able to refill the cooler without having to run...
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    The loud ones

    You know who I’m talking about. Last year while camping in a nearly empty campground, I’m camped across a lake inlet from some of the loudest campers I’ve ever seen. Not music or horns, but yelling and arguing all the time. All day long, it was like they had no volume control, but they...
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    12v interior light safety switch hack

    The past few trips out, I’ve had to fiddle with the 12v kill switch mounted to the top of my Jayco near the rear street side lift post. Just a couple of jiggles of the lever would get the lights on. But this time out the week after the 4th, no such luck. If you’ve ever had this problem you...
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    Transporting gear in the PUP

    I keep most of the gear in plastic totes stored in the pup. That way when heading out, I only need to pack the coolers, chairs and ezup in the truck bed. I often wonder if carrying the gear in the pup causes any problems with all the bouncing around back there. The totes are wedged between...
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    Cigars and fresh air

    I know many folks have a strong objection to smoke from tobacco, but how do you feel about cigar smoke? I've really grown to like the occasional good cigar. My definition of a good cigar is one that you have to think twice about lighting when you realize how much money you're about to light on...
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    What is the pop when raising the roof?

    I've been curious about this noise ever since I've had a popup. Was told by my father-in-law to expect it and it is nothing to worry about. My guess is it's the whiffletree twisting under load about 1/2 way up.
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    Replacing fresh water tank

    One of the repair items on our ntu Jayco 1207 was a punctured fresh water tank. The tank came in contact with something that cut a 2 inch gash in the leading lower corner just above the axle. I saw it on pre purchase inspection, but given the condition of the rest of the pup and the selling...
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    Any Coleman gear heads out there?

    My wife calls it a disease, but I can't seem to pass a piece of old Coleman camping gear without trying figure if I need to add it to my collection. It started innocently enough with an inherited 3 burner green stove with a red tank, a 1970's two burner stove, a non-working GI pocket stove and...
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    Cannot connect stove to lp

    Was driveway testing the ntu Jayco a few weeks ago and could not for the life of me get the lp stove connected to the inside lp feed line. I know the connection needs to be leakproof but I couldn't get the locking lever anywhere near the locked position. The only thing I can think of is the...
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    Camp cooking for two

    DW and I are just starting out on our camping adventures as empty nesters and I'm looking for recipes and ideas for two person meals. Left overs are difficult with limited cooler and fridge space, so a lot of what we cook at home won't do. I'm sure there are tons of ideas out there from folks...
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    Having the campground to ourselves

    Our maiden voyage with the ntu Jayco was to a small private campground in the NC mountains near AVL. Just a couple of nights to shake down and take in a concert at Biltmore. The concert was an afterthought, I had intended to just 'be' for a couple of days but the week before the trip DW...