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    Ice cooler usage 101

    Pre-cool the cooler the day before using sacrificial ice in some form. Replace with new ice when loading up. Freeze food/drinking water when possible. Keep two coolers, one for drinks(frequently opened) one for food (less frequently opened). Try to avoid frequent opening and closing. Keep...
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    Things to look for /at when buying a used PUP

    Want to emphasize a thorough check of the floor from under the camper. Most of the ones I’ve seen are exposed osb and can be easily checked by crawling under the camper with a flashlight. Check for signs of water intrusion or heavy staining, there should be none. If you do find water staining...
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    Camping: Single with kids...

    Camped with my sons for several years before they became too interested in cars/girls/friends. Mom would have a few days with the house to herself. We would meet the FIL a couple times a year. He had a pup and me and the boys would set up a tent on his site. We used to always have some sort...
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    Let's Talk About Sleeping In a Pup

    I’m usually the one waking the birds up at 5am:) I am a very early riser, well before there’s any light in the sky. That pattern doesn’t change when camping. I’ll make coffee and read until the campground starts stirring, then I’ll start breakfast.
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    using cruise control

    Will use cruise when it’s flat and will also drop out of tow mode if up to speed and flat. Any time the speed drops below 65 I’ll go back into tow mode. The f150 percolates right along at 65 in od while towing. In carbon mode, I like that term, I’ll keep it at or under 65. I think the reason...
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    Let's Talk About Sleeping In a Pup

    Too many whatzats to sleep well, over night rain always wakes me up worrying if I got everything protected, add a bit of wind and now we’re wide awake. Never seem to sleep well until the third night. Actually sleep better in the afternoon siestas.
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    July 2020 - What did you do for your camper?

    Replaced pilot assembly on the Atwood water heater. The pilot kept going out the last time I tested it. The thermocouple was still good, but the pilot flame itself was weak. Found a replacement oem part on Amazon for $11 so decided to just replace it rather than trying to fix it.
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    whats a good water pitcher to buy? brita, water zero, pur? ect why

    Zero water because there’s zero contaminants left after the water is filtered. They include a tester to check the water purity to know when to change the filter. With that said, I also use a camco under sink filter. I also have one on the city supply line to keep any trash out of the system.
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    Suggestions for going to the bathroom

    Thetford 135 inside the pup for night water only and only if it’s just the dw and me. Set it up where the folding dinette table usually is set up. If I’m camping with anyone else I don't set it up and we make the trips up the hill when necessary.
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    Camping weather?

    I have folded up early a couple of times due to the weather. One July trip in Pensacola when the AC went out in the old Palomino and other trips where checkout was late morning and rain was coming in. Lately it seems that the only times I can get away have been in the summer so heat and...
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    Thetford 135

    Tongue in cheek.....I think the technical term we need here is ‘glugs’, chugs are reserved for Gatorade or brewskies. Don’t want someone chugging the pink or blue stuff by mistake. Sorry, couldn’t resist.
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    Yeah I feel the pain of having to pack, unpack, repack ad nauseum. I am a packrat so the pup is full, but I’ve figured out that all of the pre trip and post trip packing/unpacking isn’t all that necessary. Here’s my routine. I have 5 totes of various sizes stored on the floor of the camper...
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    Camping near Charlotte NC?

    There are a few places near the city, check these places....Kings Mountain SP, Andrew Jackson SP (no hookups). Then a little further south is Lake Wateree SP or about 1hr north near Wilkesboro is Warrior Creek and Bandit’s Roost coe campgrounds. Use one of the online reservation sites like the...
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    Recommendation for generator for 11000kbtu AC?

    Disclaimer...I have not actually run my Jayco ac for an extended period of time on generator power but I did confirm the ac started and ran on a moderately hot day (80f) with a Honda 2000i companion and a Honda 2200i in parallel. You will need 2 of those gens in parallel to safely start and run...
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    July 2020 - What did you do for your camper?

    Added 12v deep cycle battery; added solar charge controller to use with 200 watts of portable panels; installed 2 25 amp lighter sockets, a 2 port (2.4 amp x 2) usb charging port and two battery monitors to check charge current and draw current and replaced screening in the door. Total planned...
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    Doesn't every camper bring along Spam for breakfast?

    My first exposure to Spam was at scout camp. It would be on the breakfast menu a few times during the week. Whoever was on commissary duty would ask for extra and we’d use the extra for catfish bait. It’s always in the foodbox when I camp now but I prefer bacon over Spam any day.
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    Poll: Food in the pup - What do you do?

    We have only camped at full service sites so far and I do all cooking at one end of the picnic table on a Coleman stove so I keep most everything near the stove. Dry goods are kept on a clear plastic storage bin on the picnic table. Drinks in a cooler on the picnic table bench, frozen and cold...
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    You might want to try pressing the lens on the light. Like those cheap stickup lights where the whole lens is the push button switch. This seems like a pretty short-sighted design or maybe it’s a penny saving move. ‘Oh you want lights that turn off? That’ll cost you extra’.
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    My interior light burnt a hole in the canvas

    Hey Charlie, I think the kill switch on the 1207 is (bad grammar corrected) located just in front of the left rear lift post. That’s where mine is on my 1207. Mounted on the side panel of the top with two screws. The next time you have the top up and powered by either 12v or shore power...
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    Power pole breakers

    Flip them off or leave them on? I learned to always flip them off when leaving a campsite but what do you guys do and what is your logic for doing so? I’ve set up before and the breakers were on and I always flip them off when breaking camp. My logic is that it’s safer to not have power at...