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  1. Econ

    Raising the Roof

    Trying to salvage a camping season. I'm 6 foot tall and 145 pounds. The average person in the deep South is about 250 to 350+ pounds with a massive pot gut. Will they be able to throw up an Expedition roof, raise it? The only experience they will have is with a 30' TT. I am going to have a...
  2. Econ

    The ALiner is ours

    Remember, nose into the wind when erecting.
  3. Econ

    Making the bed.

    2014 Expedition Basic here. For ultra clarity sake you have the mattress edition and not the sofa bed. We have the mattress edition too. The mattress is a 13" thick real mattress from a mattress shop.It sits on the plwood covers that is raised by gas cylinders. That's what I think you have. (I...
  4. Econ

    Li Fe battery

    There was a documentary on You Tube last night on the Solid state battery. It said there are still problems to work out. It said that the price on LI FE batteries had come down "massively" in the last 4 years. What is "massively" for a quality battery?? My understanding is they can not be...
  5. Econ

    Cheapo-Cheapo Charging Station

    I ate at a meat and three a year ago. There was no salt and pepper on the table. Why? The State had them removed. In order to get salt you had to go to the cashier and get an individual serving. All done in the name of Covid.
  6. Econ

    ALINER solar ready plug.

  7. Econ

    Covid campers, common sense and The Code

    I see it was rhodo season
  8. Econ

    ALINER solar ready plug.

    Someone with a better memory will come along but I see your still on line. The plug for the "solar ready" has something like reverse polarity than the more popular plug. Get your multi meter and head down that road. Personally I would replace the plug and rewire it. You only need that plug if...
  9. Econ

    Aliner AC Advice

    My ducting is dryer hose. Paper thin. How does your Command drain condensate and could there be a drainage problem? Wonder if the other Command owners have a problem? The Cool cat doesnt have a problem. If I remember the ducting comes out of the upper left side of the unit. The Dr. wont let me...
  10. Econ

    Aliner AC Advice

    82*F That was the day's low this morning<GGG>
  11. Econ

    Aliner AC Advice

    I just remembered a time where we camped in full summer sun. No problems. It kept up. The Cool Cat has a unique design. The is a catch pan under it and the condensate drips out the wall opening. The first time you see it you going to think there is a leak/ flood in the Aliner.
  12. Econ

    Aliner AC Advice

    There is a Cool Cat buried in mine. 10500 BTU sounds about right. The Command showed up about the time of the Covid shortages. I dont have a problem with my Cool Cat. If the one you are looking at has a Cool Cat is it a mattress layout? How old is the Classic? I tore the vents etc out and...
  13. Econ

    A-frame Cover

    Mine is parked outside under the SYP., Southern Yellow Pines. The mess put out by the SYP is bad. A silver tarp is used with beach balls used as separators between the roof and the tarp. Good luck
  14. Econ

    How much does *your* A-frame weigh?

    @Papa Glenn If I remember correctly, The Aliner's dry weight does not include the battery weight and only one empty propane bottle even though they show two on the front of the brochure
  15. Econ

    Covid campers, common sense and The Code

    @Hilldweller Got a new way to wake up. I get up between 4:30 and 5 AM. Turn the Youtube player on. Lay in bed for a hour. They have a new "live" channel with the new telescope playing 24/7. How was Pisgah.? 9 days til I find out more about the surgery.
  16. Econ

    NPS Testing Cashless Entry Fee Collection

    @Jimbow We disagree. The total loss of privacy.... Hey Jimbow. The computer says your drinking too much. We're going to cut off your funds. Also your fat so you cant buy at Mcdonalds. Study your history.
  17. Econ

    Roan Mountain State Park

    We go about a week before the RHODO festival. We're there for the flowers, not the carnival.
  18. Econ

    Covid campers, common sense and The Code

    The selfie stick. That says it all. What do I know. I live in an area that has cars pulling over to let a funeral procession going the opposite direction pass by. AND I LIKE it. Is Covid still a thing????? We were liberated years ago.
  19. Econ

    7-7-2022 Campground status

    Thank you for remembering. 18 days til the verdict is announced. One option is no weight for 8 weeks if they do it the old fashion way. They start at the sternum going to the navel then turn left of right. Outta be one hell of a scar.
  20. Econ

    Plastic License Plate Holder Tabs

    I bought a spare one. You will understand what he's talking about by looking at the above. my right lens hold down broke off and it took forever to plastic weld it. I would consider getting a spare because if the lens holder breaks you wont get on of these locally and you have to prove you...