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    10.31.21 Current Market?

    The camper market has been on fire in my area for well over a year now. . New units on back order and used units commanding ridiculous prices. No complaints, I simply stopped looking. Is it showing any signs of cooling off where you are?
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    Advice on selling

    I’m not an expert, but it’s a sellers market. I would list it with. A detailed list of what needs doing and maybe even how that would be done. I believe any money you sink in it at this point won’t give you a return. I hope you recover from the financial problems soon.
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    1996 Coleman GT Sun Valley Value

    I think I would just call my brother and come completely clean with him. The roof issue is more cost that you would want to invest, and it would be best for him to sell it to another buyer. Reimburse him for the tires if that makes you feel better. Honesty is the best policy and if that upsets...
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    Deal of the day

    That’s not a bike, it’s a bed support.
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    When Does School Begin

    We go from mid August to almost mid June. When I was in school we started AFTER Labor Day and were out in May!
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    Trade Winds Pop Up

    Maybe it's fireworks LOL
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    RV shortage...

    I’ve spoken with one local to me, and folks are plopping 1000 down for new pop ups they have never seen and are waiting 6 months minimum for delivery. People are spending money they don’t have on things they don’t need. He predicted in two years the repo market will be nice and fat.
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    Bad storms

    Maybe that’s their PUP?
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    PUP showers?

    Does a PUP with a shower have a water pump?
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    Shipping PopUp from another state

    Towing is uaually something like $2 a mile.