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  1. Lanasfam

    How I Fixed/Replaced Entire Bunkend Screen

    Wow great!! I have the same issue on one of our window screens, we have never been able to open that bunk end... I wasn’t sure what to do. This completely helps me! Thank you! Question about what type of thread and needle did you use? I am ordering now, hopefully I can sew when it cools of here:)
  2. Lanasfam

    Replacement awning bag?

    This is sooooo helpful thank you!! I have looked and looked for information in a new awning bag, nothing find anything g! I could sew this myself. Only thing I worry about is the awning being exposed the the elements without protection. Do you also have your poles in there too?
  3. Lanasfam

    Hello from The Dusty Valley of the Hot Sun!!

    [QUOTE="nineoaks2004, post: 1223662, member: 9036" Thank you! We are in our monsoon season here... so we get dust, rain and then humidity it has been awful! Good thing for swimming pools! We are wanting to do repairs ourself, so hopefully we can come up with something and stay home! Stay cool...
  4. Lanasfam

    Hello from The Dusty Valley of the Hot Sun!!

    Hello! New to this forum, I have searched info here for our 95 Dutchman Duck (we have owned for 3 years) this forum has been super helpful! We ordered our new Wench/cable lift because of a previous post. We need to do some serious outside maintenance on the pop up-sitting in our extreme 110+...