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    Covid campers, common sense and The Code

    I tend to be one who really don’t care the reason or excuse. Nail them and they will pay attention next time. When I got stopped speeding last the officer did not ask me if it was an accident. But then I’m also one who quietly enjoys seeing Biff the moron at Yellowstone getting flung 25...
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    Covid campers, common sense and The Code

    I have told my wife long ago when the COVID stuff started. The mask will be the 21 cent cigarette butt…
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    The part that scares, and makes me snicker inside at the same time... All the statistics that people quote... the covid death numbers... yet I work in the medical field and hear all the parameds, Dr's and Nurses that talk about how their so skewed. Then on the other hand there are those that...
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    YET.... but if you do grow a big toe out of your left butt cheek... please I beg of you... post a picture of it here first... I will have another round of shots..... maybe some Jack this time...
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    well I succumbed to the intense peer pressure... so I got my two shots last week... I can tell you thee were little side effects and I felt amazing... amazing part is there are hundreds of years of history behind this and I think you should seriously consider bowing to the pressure also... you...
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    TT -- is it really an upgrade?

    Totally get it... and your right... its like an evolution that you go through... I guess you gotta find your sweet spot and what you like and don't like... I think its good to experience different types of hardware or campers...
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    no cause this sillyness ig going on all over the place... its an awesome site with good content... no place is perfect and that is okay
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    TT -- is it really an upgrade?

    I certainly can tell you my experience through the move... Had a Fleetwood Niagara and it was an amazing first exposure to popup's. However the setup was a PITA. we had soft ended sticks to poke the tent where it needed to go so it would fold up, then you close it and open it and refold it cause...
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    I also wonder why there is even a vaccine thread... kind of like having a Trump or Biden thread... not why I came back to the site... if I want Vaccine thoughts... I'll turn on any news station...
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    Wow... finally, a common sense post. I find the long list of the excited vaxers interesting to say the least. common sense seems to be in such short supply. Fear is not. When people start talking about their plans and ideas for bullying people into compliance being a good idea... I start...
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    Drain and clean Suburban Water Heater (WATER HEATER CLEANING and DRAINING)

    Wow forgot I even made this post... went the route of a fifth wheel and here I am back to a small Camper
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    I realized that I have two FLEETWOOD COLEMAN NIAGARA RIMS in my storage unit. One is the original ALUMINUM RIM one is the original SPARE. Both have new tires. I sold the NIAGARA. I crossed over to a Fifth Wheel a year ago. Is there a good location for me to post these available for sale on this...
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    first MOD SNAFU!!!!

    what he said... I was basically going to say the same type of thing, you can go to Crutchfield or some place like that and find a good idea of a face plate... they have tons of situations where in Car stereo installs that they have to take a bigger hole and make it smaller so that it looks...
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    Cheap T-Bolts for your Coleman Fleetwood Rack or other T-Bolt equipped Rack

    Bondo, I think what you are saying is that if you use a carriage bolt, you may have to file down the thickness so that it is more uniform and fits better into the track...
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    2007 Niagara Lift System Manual

    well they go to like 99 and they also are 12 foot only, and I am not sure but when I look at the options and other construction on the non Hisides, I was worried there were other changes too in the lift system... maybe not...
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    RV Goop!

    thanks a million good to know this stuff... never know when you will need the info...
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    Help. Need some good advice for mildew removal on canvas (fabric type).

    sounds like you have gotten several suggestions... and I can only share my experience... first it depends exactly what you are cleaning... but if you are trying to clean the black mold and streaks from the hard sides of a trailer... the best thing that I have used for the roof and sides of a...
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    Two words.................Mean Green

    awesome to know thanks a million for the info
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    Bungeed Skirt Under Bunk-Ends.

    Sailrite looks like awesome stuff...
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    303 Fabric Protectant

    I have personally used the 303 fabric cleaner, vinyl cleaner, fabric and vinyl protector, and the astroguard protectant... and have used them for two years on the Fleetwood Niagara I own and am extremely satisfied with the results.... Some recommendations from past experience... I use Krud...