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  1. H20wens

    Free 1972 Applebee

    I have a 1972 Applebee if anyone wants it. I robbed the axle a few years ago to fit under a NOS combi-camp. I cut the front of the frame off...for some reason. Don't remember why. I kept it along with everything else. It was my dad's and I always thought I would do something with it. You know...
  2. H20wens

    Instructional Videos

    It may have been posted elsewhere, but I was so impressed with this guy thought I would share his channel here.
  3. H20wens

    Fleetwood Highlander Toilet Conversion.

    Fleetwood Highlander series flushable toilet to cassette toilet conversion. Has anyone swapped to a cassette from a flushable/ black water tank? Our Highlander series has a small (9 gallon? I think) holding tank. I think the cassette toilets make more sense for a pop-up.
  4. H20wens

    Hello from a repetitive pop-up user… I don’t have a problem. I can quit anytime:)

    So, just purchased our second Fleetwood Highlander series. Not looking to start a brand loyalty war or anything, but I have concluded that the Fleetwood (Coleman) units are the best overall. Our first camper (tent trailer actually) was a 1972 Applebee that I inherited from my dad. We still...