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  1. Lisa Busch

    Backup Plans / Just in Case Equipment

    Our 95 Jayco had an AC unit on top, so when one cable went out at Bristol Motor Speedway, it was Especially hard to get the top to stay up....we weren't going home, but as I had gone ahead with friends (who also had a camper, so we had a place to stay for the night once my husband arrived later...
  2. Lisa Busch

    How to get wet?

    Honestly, a basin with soap and water works wonders, too. When done by someone else, it's called a bedbath. #Nurselife ;)
  3. Lisa Busch

    How to get wet?

    When I was young, I often took a bottle of shampoo/bar of soap (get one of those soap sacks with a wrist holder) in the lake with me...Pert shampoo, the 2 in 1 stuff, you can add leave-in spray conditioner when you get out if, like me, Pert is not enough conditioning, and did my "shower" in the...
  4. Lisa Busch

    Recommendations for a small hybrid?

    We just bought a used Jayco Kiwi 21C, a 2001, it's under 5000 lbs which was important to us as we are towing with a '99 4Runner. Owner's manual states not to load over 5000lbs, which is great because that's over what our 4Runner can pull. We DID have to add strap-on side mirrors to the...
  5. Lisa Busch

    Painting 1995 Jayco Pop Up roof

    So maybe I should put the vinyl trim back in, then put another strip of seam seal tape over top of the whole thing. I do have some left.
  6. Lisa Busch

    Painting 1995 Jayco Pop Up roof

    I am putting the trim cover back on over it. Vinyl trim cover. Are you suggesting I put cauk or something on the screws first?
  7. Lisa Busch

    Painting 1995 Jayco Pop Up roof

    Yeah, I didn't think of that. I had actually hoped not to overlap them at all, but that's the way it goes.The tape is pretty sticky once you get the back off, and I found that you need to put tension on it, stretch it as you apply, to keep from ending up with wrinkles, especially in the curves...
  8. Lisa Busch

    Painting 1995 Jayco Pop Up roof

    I think some of you can appreciate the work that goes into sealing the seams of (I chose to use 2 inch seam tape rather than cauk yet again, hoping that under the new paint, it will last longer) and painting the old pop up's roof. It wasn't leaking, but it was a matter of time. Hope the new...
  9. Lisa Busch

    Do you use the pre-installed stovetop, or do you cook inside at all?

    We never used ours, in fact I just could NOT see cooking inside a tent; we cook over campfire, campground-provided charcoal grill, or on gas grill, or lately on our Blackstone griddle. There are hookups on the outside of the trailer for the the stove that it can be attached to, so we still have...
  10. Lisa Busch

    should A/C be on my required list?

    I'm going to tell you something, being a woman "of a certain age" who camps in TN, one of the reasons we went from tent camping to a PUP (aside from the obvious....need for storage and it getting harder and harder for me to sleep on the ground, air bed or no!) was the need for A/C. If you were...
  11. Lisa Busch

    Pay Showers?

    We have only stayed in-state in our pop up, Tennessee, and stay almost exclusively at State Parks or TVA campgrounds; they are reasonable priced and all have free showers (although Norris Dam State Park, the one campground only has 4 shower/toilet combos for, what, 25 campsites...and that was...
  12. Lisa Busch

    Camping weather?

    About the only thing that causes us to change our plans is more than 50% of the time rainy/stormy and wet. A little rain here and there, no problem, but we don't do well staying inside the pop-up all the time, we don't have TV and all those bells and whistles, we go camping to be outdoors, not...
  13. Lisa Busch

    Monthly camper, enjoying TN's state parks. Doing what I can to keep our '96 Jayco pop up alive...

    Monthly camper, enjoying TN's state parks. Doing what I can to keep our '96 Jayco pop up alive and kicking.
  14. Lisa Busch

    “Friendly” raccoons, need a deterrent

    I remember camping at a provincial park in Ontario when I was younger, when the RVs that had AC units had them on the side, the raccoons there were particularly tough and pulled one of those AC units out of the RV in order to get into the RV!!:shocked: The rangers put out a live trap and...
  15. Lisa Busch

    My New Covid 19 Home...

    My husband and I both work in different areas of healthcare, and don't have children, so you would think that would be a relief. However, I am an RN, and he is "healthcare adjacent", as in he delivers meds to nursing homes, has no real healthcare related training. Basically, he still thinks this...
  16. Lisa Busch

    How Many Trips Cancelled Due to Virus?

    None yet, not for camping, as we had a big trip we should be on right now to Hawaii that was postponed, so had no camping trips planned. Our first camping trip planned, we do a lot of weekend trips, is in May. Waiting to see if the State Park we are scheduled to camp at opens back up by then...
  17. Lisa Busch

    Camper stove

    We never once used it, in 3 years of camping, always used a portable gas grill, campground charcoal grills or campfire, so in our most recent renovation, we removed it and the unused sink that shared the counter top. We found the counter top around them was disintegrating, so we have the stove...