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  1. Dubbya

    Aliner leaking water heater

    I’ve chased those problems too.The previous owner had given up trying to find the leak and just stopped using the onboard tank. I removed the whole tank and filled it to the brim to find where it was cracked then plastic welded around the threaded drain port using a soldering iron.
  2. Dubbya


    I installed USB outlets that we can plug USB powered fans into. They're small, cheap, easy to find a and don't use much power. If you've got plenty of juice in your battery, what you propose will work...
  3. Dubbya

    Tacoma Towing Question

    FWIW, I’d say you’ve got enough wiggle room and you probably won’t need a WDH either. Just make sure the camper has brakes and get an inertia-based brake controller. Avoid going over 65mph and you should be fine.
  4. Dubbya

    Is the roof toast?...

    A new roof will run you about $2K, so I'd think they'll either write it off or give you option to have it repaired. Looks like it's an FRP (Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic) roof so it could be patched with a similar material (Check Home Depot) and glued in place with Sikaflex or a similar sealant...
  5. Dubbya

    Help with pop camper bed and sink

    Just a thought, but the bunks and rails may have been removed for some reason and whoever did it may have swapped the rails side for side when they put them back on. They definitely see way lower than they should be.
  6. Dubbya

    Are pop ups a dying breed?

    The profit margin is rather low plus the warranty and the maintenance is a problem a lot of dealers don't want to tackle, that's why they push the TT's. Rest assured, pups are still a viable option with many advantages over large TT's. Our local dealer brought in several this season and they...
  7. Dubbya

    Help! I can no longer attach the wheel to the shaft

    Yup, I use one of these. Easy to find, cheap, bolts right on and it works great.
  8. Dubbya

    Do you drink the water from your PUP tank?

    Yup THIS^^^! About all I'd add is that you don't want to travel long distances with a full water tank. That's a recipe for disaster. Bring a 5 gallon water jug and use a water transfer pump to fill the tank. You can thank me later.
  9. Dubbya

    Paint Help

    The great thing about Rustoleum is it's available in a spray can as well and that's handy for touch-ups. I wire wheeled my frame to knock the dust and rust off, wiped it down with Varsol then brushed/sprayed it with Rustoleum semi-gloss black. For the exterior walls, we used Rustoleum with a...
  10. Dubbya

    Adding usb out lets.

    Yup, they're earmarked for 12v/24v input so just tap into a nearby circuit if there's one available. You're only sending a couple of amps through them anyway so a 10A circuit would work fine. You don't need heavy wire. 16 gauge will be more than adequate.
  11. Dubbya

    Upcomming Meal Plans? All ideas welcome

    Yup, taco in a bag is a life saver if you've got kids to feed. They put in what THEY like, so they'll eat it without any problem.
  12. Dubbya

    Door won't be straight no matter how much leveling we do! see pictures

    There could be several contributing factors that lead to your door problem. Is the frame level and are the stabs not bearing too much weight? 40lbs of weight max per stabilizer. (They're effectively braces, not jacks) Level with your BAL and the tongue jack. Is the roof level when raised...
  13. Dubbya

    Slide Out Power

    I A 100ah LifePo4 battery can easily run $1000. Flooded lead acid batteries are pretty cheap by comparison. ;)
  14. Dubbya

    Twisted tongue & crooked tongue jack

    I’d think it happened while backing up and turning too sharp. A welding/fabrication shop could fix that.
  15. Dubbya

    Four Corner Leveling

    Yup, THIS^^^ EXACTLY!!! Level it side to side at the axle and from front to back using your hitch jack. You shouldn't ever need to do any more than snug up the stabs.
  16. Dubbya


    Sometimes you just can't avoid putting the pup down after a rain so I keep a few socks filled with silica cat litter in the pup. Toss one between the tenting and inside of the roof at the front, another in the back, one or two inside on the floor and another in the storage compartment. They...
  17. Dubbya

    Outlet and gas hose door removal

    Yup, remove the screws and slide a thin putty knife behind the edges of the gas port to cut through the putty then carefully pry it off. You can pick up a roll of 1" putty tape from any RV dealer or find it on Amazon for a few bucks. You can try to clean the old cable cover (Google search "rv...
  18. Dubbya

    Ceiling lights work on and off

    There may be a short in the wiring at the roof where it transitions to the sidewall tenting (look for a sleeve in the tenting with wires in it) or your galley power switch is sticking.
  19. Dubbya

    2011 Jayco M12E lift replace question

    That toy hauler mightbe worth $6K if it were operational but as has already been pointed out, if the lift system needs work, the mattresses and tenting have been a mouse condo for the past couple of years and the floor is shot, you're looking at another $2 to $3K. At that point, you're better...
  20. Dubbya

    New Decals?

    I’m late to the party but FWIW, this is totally doable with vinyl. We went to a sign shop and had them make up stripes and print them in the colors we wanted. Apply them then use a heat gun and a soft rag to rub them into the textured surface. Three years and they still look good as new.