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  1. Londonbrewer

    Refrigerator Hack

    Nice mod, definitely going to fab some of these up. I always end up leaving the cover on the ground and always worry I'm going to drive off without it, or drive over it. I have a single fan exhausting the heat which works wonders. I'm always thinking maybe I should add a second... But...
  2. Londonbrewer

    1st post from Newcastle, Ontario

    Welcome to the forum from down in London, ont! That's a beauty trailer, hopefully the appliance repairs were not too bad! Lots of good help here. Cheers,
  3. Londonbrewer

    new member from canada

    Welcome from down in London, ON. Would love to have an EV that can tow, but my Focus EV will have to do for now, we use it for 90% of our driving and the Honda Pilot sits in the driveway. Our StarCraft highwall would be on the large side for a Model Y, but works great with the Pilot. Cheers,
  4. Londonbrewer

    Roof repair

    There were some informative posts here for the sideboard replacement. It's really not that complex if you take your time and look how it's put together. I did it all with the roof attached. Replaced the one sideboard, then the front board, both of which had significant water damage. As for...
  5. Londonbrewer

    Newbie PUP owner, from Ontario Canada

    Welcome, from London, Ontario!
  6. Londonbrewer

    Roof repair

    I replaced a sideboard on my roof last year. I did as you mention, pull the trim off, support the roof (as you will have to take the lift post attachments off) remove the sideboard and use that as a template for the new one. I used plywood and did a 4-6" lap joint to join the two pieces to...
  7. Londonbrewer

    Roof repair

    I have some water damage in the luan ceiling panels from the previous owners. I have done some roof repairs and haven't seen any more leaks for the last year and a half. Dicore is amazing stuff! That being said I'm planning on replacing the luan in the ceiling sometime this spring to clean it up.
  8. Londonbrewer

    Ontario Canada campers

    We have never been to Rondeau, I think we have a private(ish) site, but I could be wrong, guess we will find out in a month! I've heard the fishing is decent so my kids and I will enjoy that. I'm really looking forward to camping season, seems like it's been forever since we put the trailer away.
  9. Londonbrewer

    Ontario Canada campers

    Also London campers here. We have booked Point Farms, Turkey Point, Bon Echo and Rondeau as well this year. Looking forward to pulling the camper out soon and starting on a few upgrades and fixes.
  10. Londonbrewer

    Hello from London Ontario!

    Hi, welcome to the portal, I'm also in London, ON. We have a StarCraft high wall so similar to yours. We also have had to do some repairs and a few more on the way once I pull it out. So if (or when) you need anything feel free to reach out, we are in the north east end of London. I did a...
  11. Londonbrewer

    New Owner in Ontario

    Hi there, well one to the forum, lots of good info here. I may also have some cosmetic ceiling repairs in my future. Cheers
  12. Londonbrewer

    Hello from Whitby, Ontario.

    Welcome to the group! We're just down the 401 in London!
  13. Londonbrewer

    Towing with a Honda Pilot?

    No problem. I would say the squat is about as expected, definately a few inches. I plan to measure my tongue weight soon, but expect it to be about 400lbs. It's a nice vehicle to drive long distances. Once on the hwy you don't really notice the trailer. Very happy with it so far.
  14. Londonbrewer

    Towing with a Honda Pilot?

    We tow out 2005 StarCraft Centennial 3610 with our 2016 Pilot. We have the 5k towing pack on it. Seems to tow well, only did a couple trips with the trailer last year. The 3610 is about 2800lbs dry and loaded I figured close to 3500, so not to the extreme, but big enough. We have several...
  15. Londonbrewer

    Replacing canvas on a 2006 Jayco pop up tent trailer

    Following this thread, very curious what you do. I'm also in SW Ontario, have an 05 StarCraft, which is in reasonable shape, and we love it. Just some small issues with the canvas... More nuisance issues. Good luck and keep us posted!
  16. Londonbrewer

    Starcraft 3610 Centennial Sideboard replacement

    Keep forgetting to take more pictures. The front and sideboard have been replaced and now I'm in the process of putting all the trim on and getting ready to re caulk the roof and all the trim. It's come together well, I now have to pull all the caulk from the other side of the roof, clean...
  17. Londonbrewer

    Starcraft 3610 Centennial Sideboard replacement

    Sideboard has been built, will hopefully have time tomorrow night to get it mounted. 6" lap joint in the middle of the plywood to make a 14' piece. Just under 5/8" thick with aluminum siding laminated on both side with contact cement. Was a bit of a PITA, but it's built. The bottom trim...
  18. Londonbrewer

    Starcraft 3610 Centennial Sideboard replacement

    Looks like the sideboard is 5/8" less any cladding. I've started to pull everything apart, sideboard is off, it was soaked at both ends and weighed a ton.... Waiting in my plywood from HD. Here in Ontario we're under lockdown so you have to order online and wait for a pickup email... Not so...
  19. Londonbrewer

    Round clips on side of trailer

    I bet you're right, we haven't tried the "add a room" yet. We just got the trailer last year and used it a few times. I was planning on trying it on our next trip, so maybe I'll see then. Thank you @Snow ! Edit... Bingo, add a room snaps, Googled the instructions for the add a room. Pic...
  20. Londonbrewer

    Round clips on side of trailer

    Hey guys, more out of curiosity, but does anyone know what these clips might be for? They seem to be randomly down the side of the trailer (door side) on the body and the roof aideboard. I'm going to be replacing the sideboard so I'll omit these there. But on the body side I may pull them...