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  1. Hey im Jay

    t105 deep cycle charging

    When I charge them do they charge under standard or AGM they are not the sealed batteries
  2. Hey im Jay

    RV shop says I should have stuck with 12 volt batteries

    Don't quite get it I thought two 6 volt batteries would be great and that is my understanding RV shop says no I should have went with 12 volt because my charge system would not be able to keep those fully charged that's why I have a generator inverter and a battery charger but they still...
  3. Hey im Jay

    I scored me a pair of Trojan t105

    Now I know the amp is 225 now when I hook these up and put them in the trailer I'm only able to pull half of that correct or does it double 225 plus 225 I don't know please forgive my ignorance just really stoked got these at 75 bucks each brand new all we are running in our popup trailer are...
  4. Hey im Jay

    What type of battery charger maintainer should I purchase

    I'm looking to get a quick charge battery charger for when I need to charge my batteries and maintain them I heard somewhere to get one that does some type of D I don't know what kind that removes something I think I wish I was more helpful please advice needed and appreciate it thank you and...
  5. Hey im Jay

    Need help figuring this out

    I purchased two crown 6volt 235 amps per hour batteries here are the cases that I have for them and the measurements here's a picture of the toe area on the front of the trailer I cannot figure out how to place these I know to me it sounds stupid and I should be able to figure it out but I'm at...
  6. Hey im Jay

    Recharging batteries off generator

    My generator has a 12-volt out with cables attachment or is it better just to run a battery charger off the generator or to run it through the generator 12 volt output and if so how do you keep it from overcharging ? Thank you and Cheers
  7. Hey im Jay

    Recommended synthetic oil for generator inverter

    I will be receiving my generator inverter this weekend how many cycles should I go through before I put in synthetic oil and how often should I change it before then hour wise please thank you
  8. Hey im Jay

    1984 Coleman Sequoia all most done

    Here's some photos of before and after where we are at now the wife would like to say that she helped but yeah that's not the the case
  9. Hey im Jay

    Henry's tropicool silicone coating

    Just bought this to coat the top of my 1984 coleman Sequoia pup no she was my question is I think it has a fiberglass top it should be fine as long as I clean it off?
  10. Hey im Jay

    Cool stuff from my 11 year old boy

    So originally the school was put on there by a friend who welded it on it was rusting out and not looking so well and it had some bauble I crazy looking things for eyeballs my youngest boy surprised me with this he took the time to send it down with a wire brush he used white spray paint mom's...
  11. Hey im Jay

    Light travel trailer level

    My tires are 20.5x8.0x10 I was curious if the light travel trailer level will this work on mine not quite sure if it will anybody else know .thank you
  12. Hey im Jay

    Canvas waterproof solution

    Not sure if we need it but I believe it is always good to do we purchased our pup used so I'm looking for a solution to add to the canvas to make it waterproof is there a difference between waterproofing mixed with mold proof is that such a thing don't know
  13. Hey im Jay

    Eva-Dry E.333

    Has anybody use this for the humidity inside their pup ? Each one is supposed to dehumidifier 333 cubic feet I have two of them I think I will purchase another pack and use three input and advice[:D]
  14. Hey im Jay

    Your thoughts on this a.c.

    My pup does not have a roof mount a.c. but thought about this little guy for when it might get hot inside . We plan on buying the popup gizmos and have already cut the reflective bubble wrap for the window inserts and rugs for the floor and a door cover aswell. I would make the exhaust tube...
  15. Hey im Jay

    Painting interior metal pieces

    So are popup has metal interior cabinets with some wood the wifey wants to paint it to brighten it up in there should we strip the plastic fake wood off the metal or should we just primer and paint over it
  16. Hey im Jay

    Recommended LP detectors make and model

    I need to get one for my pop-up not sure there's going to be a lot on something but I don't know what one to choose
  17. Hey im Jay

    And put on propane heater shower for outdoor

    I understand camping and everything but I refuse to take a shower in the river and use baby wipes I'm in the market is looking for an outdoor shower setup a tent setup or hula hoop with a curtain and propane heated set up i appreciate it thank you. cheers
  18. Hey im Jay

    What to use on a coating on the bottom of the trailer

    I have a 1984 Coleman Sequoia and I'm looking to see you on the bottom side to avoid any water as much as possible has anybody done this photos would be great if so what have you used and thank you everyone for all your great important advice to my other post questions this is our first popup...
  19. Hey im Jay

    1003 warm white interior LED bulb

    Looking for this led bulb that produces good light but not the super white a warm white . Who is purchase these type and where did you get them at what is your input and cost thank you.[Guitar]
  20. Hey im Jay

    What size generator to run these items

    Sorry for all the silly questions but this is our first pup I want to make so we are set for a 7-Day camping Endeavor we are looking to get a generator there will be two pups going total . It will be 2 mini fridges 2 fans small for the propane heaters and of course LED lights and possibly a...