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  1. Snow

    PSA: popupportal is for pop up campers

    I've actually been thinking about departing for over a year now.. so it's not a quick or rushed decision, it's a culmination of "stuff" going on right now..
  2. Snow

    Pre Planning 2023 Ontario Summer Rally.

    Well due to things always being in motion, moving and ever changing, I am officially stepping down as the acting planner of the Ontario Rallies.. Hopefully, another member will step up and take over. It has been fun and a real PITA at times, trying to pick dates, pick locations and at one...
  3. Snow

    PSA: popupportal is for pop up campers

    Oh my skin is quite thick.. but with all things, they eventually run their course.. with someone complaining about TT owners posting here, well that was the last kick I needed to know it's time to move on.
  4. Snow

    PSA: popupportal is for pop up campers

    This post has come at a time when other stuff that is going on has made me decide a few things.. I hope the O.P sticks around and shares his vast knowledge of popups, towing and d.i.y abilities with others. As they say on Shark Tank.. "For that reason, I'm out".
  5. Snow

    Patching canvas question

    Depending on the number of patches you have to sew, the cost of the repair kits (supplies) and what you value your time at , it might be simpler to contact Bearcreek Canvas or Canvas Replacement and buy new Canvas for the entire pup.
  6. Snow

    What is your opinion? Can you use a dual receiver upside down?

    Many of those dual hitches and any sort of extended hitch cut your tow rating and tongue weight rating by as much as 50%.
  7. Snow

    Quick opinions needed - which PUP!

    Statements like that are ones that actually scare me more then ones like : " I towed it 2 hours and could feel it bouncing and saying and banging on the ball" At least feeling the trailer back there, you constantly know you are towing something and are required to drive slower, brake sooner...
  8. Snow

    Sometimes I’m reminded…

    It's even more fun to tow a TT through the downtown core of Cities..
  9. Snow

    Quick opinions needed - which PUP!

    At 80% of your tow rating you should be fine providing the vehicle is mechanically sound and you don't load up much "stuff" in or on the vehicle and trailer.. I know a few people with 3/4 & 1 ton pickups who knownly tow at 98 and 100% of their vehicles ratings, but the one guy carries enough...
  10. Snow

    Allegany State Park

    Can't give you any insight but this State Park has been on my short list for years, hopefully one of these years when we camp in the States we'll finally get there..
  11. Snow

    Forsale in spring 2023

    Just posting this as a heads up for anyone in Ontario who might be considering heading to the darkside next year. In May (maybe earlier) I hope to have some work completed on my TT and wi be putting it forsale. It's a 2005 Outback 21RS. All the standard features of a TT, large 2 way...
  12. Snow

    Easy way to set up and take down awning?

    I always unrolled the awning once I raised the roof about a third of the way up, installed the rafter poles and vertical posts then continued raising the roof, awning would "drag" itself into place.
  13. Snow

    OK SO... Tow Vehicle power hookup

    Check your State/Provincial laws, majority of them all have the same law, that if a trailer has brakes, they must be functional. For rentals, you are better off getting a small 8ft box popup, stripping it down to just beds and table.
  14. Snow

    Stack jacks

    You level with the tires, NOT THE FRAME .. The stack Jack's are for stabilizing the trailer to minimize movement when you walk around inside. YES, place them on the rear of the trailer. I never used the wheel on my tongue jack, I used either an 8x8 piece if old railroad tie or my Lynx...
  15. Snow

    Weird thing on the ceiling!!!

    Hard to say for sure without a picture but my guess is, it's the fold down clothes hanger/towel rod
  16. Snow

    Incline Slide

    Sliding off the sleeping pad ?? Not sure I quite understand, are you talking the mattress? Did you level the trailer side to side and front to back?
  17. Snow

    PSA: popupportal is for pop up campers

    Mine had a GVWR of 3600 lbs. So needed a truck to tow it to begin with, and no way you were going to move it around by hand. It was longer closed up then most small cars, 12 ft box, plus 2ft front storage compartment plus a 3ft tongue . In total it was just 3ft shorter then the box on my...
  18. Snow

    Portable parking mats

    I use to use two 6ft long 2x12s to park on. Permanently mounted a stop Block at the back of each board. These boards were also spiked into the ground so they wouldn't move. The parking spot was beside the driveway, which I had to start out backing up due to a deep ditch that sat 10ft in...
  19. Snow

    PSA: popupportal is for pop up campers

    I knew you were related to C.D Bales from the movie Roxanne. [:P]
  20. Snow

    PSA: popupportal is for pop up campers

    I'll, disagree with #2,6, 9&10.. #2 depends on what the popup is and contains, as well as what the TT is and contains.. Annual maintenance on the two types is actually the same, with a TT actually being easier, since it doesn't need to be popped up to do the inside stuff. #6 you are only...