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  1. bupkis

    PSA: popupportal is for pop up campers

    HiLo trailer "pop up"
  2. bupkis

    I broke the galley kill switch

    a refrigerator switch turns off when depressed (normally closed) you need a normally open that closes when depressed, good luck! I'd look for Pushbutton Switch SPST-NO Standard Chassis Mount (single pole single terminal normally open) this one is 5A rated...
  3. bupkis

    Solar panel?

    thanks, I asked cuz the smaller ones use no DC power while operating on propane, yours does use a small amount for its brain and you likely have a propane/CO detector that use some 24/7
  4. bupkis

    Solar panel?

    it is a secret which fridge you may have?
  5. bupkis

    Adding a battery to a 1999 Viking 2107

    Usually there is 'charge' line from the vehicle/trailer connector to the converter red wire batt +. Splicing into this near the battery location is how my coachmen was wired using red & white wires. This allows the vehicle to 'charge' while towing and the converter to charge when plugged into...
  6. bupkis

    does a battery need to be connected for shore power?

    MAYBE NOT! (taping the positive so it doesn't come in contact with the frame MAY be a better thought) You don't need a battery if/when on shore power.
  7. bupkis

    Help needed badly

    and the maker of these winches suggests if the ex-tube unscrews something like cable wrap or bent parts is stopping the cable from coming out. I would try screwing on the tube and supporting the weight, then releasing the pawl to see if it can be lowered as you suggested. Alternatively...
  8. bupkis

    Help needed badly

    the load and square tube cause the squeeze, if the square tube is unscrewed the load should lower unless there is another issue. What would allow the square tube to unscrew?
  9. bupkis

    Need Help Finding a Fuse (Maybe?)

    generally on the + battery wire near the battery, others in the converter also protect the battery.
  10. bupkis

    1996 Coachmen or Viking Manual Needed

    download from PUX
  11. bupkis

    Need Help Finding a Fuse (Maybe?)

    trailer battery is fused but has nothing to do with trailer running/brake lights. some adapters to add trailer wiring to a vehicle have a fuse for the charge line. referring to vehicle manual not trailer!
  12. bupkis

    Trailer brakes getting tighter over time?

    turn the boost down if you can I had a similar situation, new brakes, I turn up the boost to get them to work. A trip or two later and they were grabbing near home going slow. Turned down the boost and drove 30mph with the brakes applied for several blocks a few times. Work much better now.
  13. bupkis

    Refrigerator Hack

    dometic instructions
  14. bupkis

    Need Help Finding a Fuse (Maybe?)

    I refer to my owner manual for fuse function/location
  15. bupkis

    Help needed badly

    uncranking is supposed to take pressure off the brake pad and allow the weight of the roof to pull on the cable/reel and tighten up on the brake. continued uncranking loosens the brake pad which allows the roof to lower and tighten the pad.
  16. bupkis

    270 degree awning

    Make it as difficult as you'd like. something simple fits all sorts of spots
  17. bupkis

    270 degree awning

    I'm suggesting you support the lift arms not the end of the awning. ie taking weight off the cables once lifted into place, I did it from time to time with out stuff on the roof. 2x4 or similar work well between the top of the box to under the roof side. You can do all 4
  18. bupkis

    270 degree awning

    If you must, use supports once the roof is up.