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    Gone to the dark side

    I too recently went to the "Dark Side" (see story HERE) We just took it on it's maiden voyage and it was great. I definitely knew it was there when I towed it, but it was worth the effort. The trip ended with my wife in the emergency room and me being awake for about 43 hours after I had to go...
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    Tough Decision

    Both the dinette and the "gaucho" are double beds and each one has a fold-down bunk over it that is a twin size. The bunks can only hold 150 lbs though, so we are just going to use them in the "up" position for storage. We do have our first grandchild on the way, so one day they may get used...
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    Tough Decision

    Well I brought the new Lynx home yesterday. I definitely noticed the extra weight while towing it (Lynx = 1990 lbs. / Jayco = 975 lbs.), but it still towed easily. Here are some pics. of it as I received it except for the new tires.
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    Tough Decision

    You know Snow. I've found the trick is not to look. I found the PUP when I was looking on CL for firewood under the FREE section. I found the Prowler while I was working on the vacant house next door to it that's for sale. The neighbor and I were talking the other day while the realtor was...
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    Tough Decision

    It's been about 2 years now since I got my "Freebie" PUP. I have put a lot of work into it and my wife and I have enjoyed it very much. That's what makes this so hard. I have recently decided to go to the "Dark Side". I happened into a deal I couldn't turn down. I am picking up a 1990 Prowler...
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    Pop Up Portal Pumpkin

    I guess that means we both made picture of the week [:D] Congrats!
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    Pop Up Portal Pumpkin

    Now I guess we have to call that a "PUP-kin" [:D]
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    I like the noises my Pup makes

    For me it's not the noise of the furnace although I do like that. (we have no on-board water, so no pump or heater) It's the noise of the metal step and the door closing. Having a step and a door means that my disabled wife is able to go camping again since she is unable to do tent camping...
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    New to me Fleetwood Neon

    Okay, I'll start. What's it going to be when it grows up? :laugh:
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    What Flyfisherman says is true and the converter could be malfunctioning, but I have to ask the obvious, did you switch the converter from battery to A/C when you plugged in to the shore power?
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    First camping trip that was not in the backyard.

    Are you talking about a grill or a stove? I ask because a grill takes a higher pressure gas feed then a stove so the inside hook-up is presumably a lower pressure line and therefore should have a different fitting then the outside one so that you are not able to hook the low pressure stove to...
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    Forest Fire has ruined my weekend

    It was a great site (#53) except for one thing. The pad is right under a couple of huge sequoia trees with cones about 10 to 12 inches long that would drop from 50 to 60 feet above. One landed on the PUP roof and scared the $#*@ out of my wife! (Thankfully, no damage). My brother -in-law and...
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    Forest Fire has ruined my weekend

    We were there for the fourth of July. We stayed at Dorst Creek Campground in the Sequoia National Forest side of the combined park (here's a link to some pica from the trip). That fire started a few days after we left.
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    OK I Am Confused About Are Heaters In Are Two Campers Please Help Need Info

    Bupkis is correct about the pilot light. You will have to light it as I described in my earlier post or there will be no [CF]
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    Other uses for the pup besides camping?

    We use it for my mother-in-law to sleep in when she comes to visit..... Sometimes we even pop up the roof! [}:)]
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    OK I Am Confused About Are Heaters In Are Two Campers Please Help Need Info

    As several people noted the picture is indeed of a refrigerator. As Riverwalker said: And this is partially true, however as HYDETHERAT said the PUP is a 1986 this may not be true. My 1986 Jayco 806 has furnace with a pilot light that needs to be lit and there is no window to see it or the...
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    How far did you travel to get your pup?

    I got ours 7/3/09 and had to go all of about 3 miles! It was on Craigslist in the free section. I was actually looking for firewood so I had to unhitch my utility trailer before I left "just in case" the free PUP was worth dragging home [:D]
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    New Stripes

    I did mine back in June. Got the tape from the same place. The dark blue tape I used for the background is 4" wide and I used it to make new Jayco decals as well as the old style Jayco bird logo. (see the last picture) Before After (logos not done yet) Zoom in to see logo
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    tagging and registration for a pop up major help here please

    I don't know about TX, but in CA where I live, it was pretty easy. First a little background. I received my PUP for free (Craigslist ad) in July 2009. The People I got it from, received it for free from the family of a neighbor that had passed away. They had it for about 3 years and never...
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    Keeping bread/bread items useable during a trip....

    We always take unsliced sourdough bread and due to it's thick crust, we never have a problem. I've been doing this for over 20 years and have never had a "dough-ball".