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    Love the New Logo!

    Love the new Pop Up Portal Logo.
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    Has anyone used GSE on their vinyl/canvas?

    I purchased grapefruit seed extract to mix with water to kill mold on my Rockwood's vinyl tenting. I was wondering if it is safe to use on the vinyl. I sprayed it yesterday on my wife's riding helmet to kill some mold that had developed from sitting in the barn. It completing eliminated, not...
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    Looking for an A/C Unit?

    Found this on Craigslist... looks like this person is just off of I-95 between Baltimore and the Delaware line.
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    Is it ok to use only Eternabond?

    Sorry if this topic is a repeat, I've read through 3 pages of Eternabond posts and couldn't find an answer to my question. I'm finishing up a complete roof restoration and I don't want to screw up my many hours of hard work! I was wondering if it is ok to use JUST Eternabond under the roof...