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    Lowes Clearance Sale

    If you hurry you can find some amazing dealson their website for all kinds of things at Lowes. They're having a huge clearance sale and some of the prices are pretty ridiculous! I scored a new Lantern light string set (just in time for the Rally this weekend) that was normally $20.00 for $1.30...
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    Help! Lake Kissimmee or Oscar Scherer

    We were planning on staying at Kelly Park in Apopka for the Labor Day weekend so had no need to book at a state park. Today was the day the reservation window opened for Kelly and much to my dismay when I called, they are closing the campground from Aug 1 - Nov 1 for upgrades :(. Now we're...
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    Check out this post I found!

    She did an amazing job!
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    Good campsites at Oscar Scherer State Park

    We're headed to Oscar Scherer for the first time next month and are wondering if any of ya'll have a suggestion on good pet friendly sites. Our camper folds out to nearly 26' when popped and we definitely would like some shade. Elbow room would be great too. ANY help would be appreciated! [8D]
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    Coleman Alumatite Roof Rail end caps

    Does anyone know what the part number is or where to purchase replacements. We seem to have lost one on our last trip out. Must have blown off. Can't find mention of those rails in any parts catalog that I've seen.
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    Headed for the Smokies? Plan on traveling 441? You better read this first

    Great Smoky Mountains National Park has closed Newfound Gap Road (U.S. 441) due to a landslide which undercut the road near mile marker 22 between Collins Creeks and Webb Overlook at 9:40 am. The closure is expected to be in effect for an extended period of time...
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    Has anyone seen one of these?

    We ran in to this at an RV show a few months back. We'd like to add it to our faucet until we do a counter/sink/faucet replacement later this year . I took a pic of it so I wouldn't forget about it but forgot to take a pic of the TT it came out of which is making it hard to track down. Anyone...
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    Lift height adjustment

    We're getting our pup ready for a 4 day outing next week and will be performing a lift height adjustment as the tongue end is topping out slightly lower then the other end. We were reading through the manual to see what the adjustment height should be when it occurred to us that the manual was...
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    removing canvas

    We have two screws coming out of the inside of the roof that hold the track (?) that holds the canvas on and it looks like we'll have to remove the canvas to actually get in that area to make a repair. We're not seeing any signs of damage, it just appears the screws were stripped. It happened...
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    Pop Up Pumpkin? Why Yes!

    Found during a Google search. Think it came from a Pop Up Times article from a few years ago. Might have to give this a shot.
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    Check this out! Cool cookie jar.
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    Not sure if this has been posted already but never the less, here it may be again. [LOL]
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    Valances are done

    The valances are finally finished and hung. Trying to save myself money by ripping out the old glide tape was a wasted effort and only added to the time it took to complete these guys. The old glides were on an elastic tape which kept wanting to bunch up the fabric. Ripped out what little I'd...
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    Sundogs and blue moons, oh my!

    From what I'm reading these are pretty common but I don't recall ever seeing them. Snapped these pics with my phone while waiting for my daughter in the car rider line. It was almost directly above me. I'm sure the other parents thought I was crazy standing out there snapping pics of the sky...
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    best material for indoor/outdoor stove surround?

    Not sure if this is in the right place but I'll give it a shot. We never cook inside and recently left our stove outside under the awning while we went for a swim. While we were gone we had a quick rain shower and the stove got a bit wet. The stove itself was fine but the surround has swelled...
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    Don't forget to look up tonight!

    Tonight is prime viewing time for the Perseids Meteor Shower so keep an eye out. It's going on right now but best viewing will be in the pre-dawn hours. If you miss it tonight you still have tomorrow and Monday although the show loses a bit of it's luster each night. I'm just hoping the clouds...
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    Need Fabric??? Go to Joann starting Friday 08/03

    Joann is having their annual Founder's sale this month but this upcoming weekend they have even better deals! August 3rd-5th, in store only all Home Decor fabrics will be 60% off and in some July 29th Sunday papers they had a flyer with a 25% off coupon that could be stacked on top of that. It's...
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    Wekiwa Springs State Park

    If you've been looking for somewhere to go between now and September 2nd, Wekiwa Springs construction has been delayed and is once again accepting reservations via ReserveAmerica! We planned on staying there 8/16-8/19 but were able to secure a spot in nearby Kelly Park so will be going there...
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    Camping Bingo, fun with the kids.

    Found this today and thought it may come in useful to someone other than myself. I just printed them out and plan to use them this weekend.
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    Curtain fabric

    For those looking for curtain fabric that will maintain black out conditions but don't want to spend the time lining them AND ready made curtains won't work for you...I found this at