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  1. jumpoff

    Ask Questions.

    Just got back from Cosby Tn. where we stayed stayed at Imagination Mountain Campground 15 miles east of Gatlinburg. I wanted to be near the Greenbrier entrance to GSMNP. I chose the campground based on the pictures on their website. What I...
  2. jumpoff

    How much wheel heat is acceptable?

    I took my camper out for a shakeout cruise last Saturday here in Fl. in preparation for a trip to Tn. next week. I did a 20 mile loop which included interstate driving. I was going 65 to 70mph. The outside temps were in the 90's. I stopped once at a rest area and walked around the camper and...
  3. jumpoff

    Private Campground 12 Miles East of Gatlinburg Tn

    I'm all excited. Our first trip of the year. I just booked a 4 nite trip in July at this private campground called Imagination Mountain Campground. Web site looks great and it's right close to where I want to hike in GSMNP. Has anyone ever been there? It's only 3 times the amount of staying in...
  4. jumpoff

    Tire Size Upgrade

    I'm responsible for maintaining the family fleet of vehicles which now is about 8. I'm buying a couple sets of tires every year it seems. The website I buy my tires from is called What I like about it is that you can compare your tire size to other tire sizes so that you can select...
  5. jumpoff

    2017 Ford F150 5.0L

    I just purchased a 2017 Ford F150 Supercrew Lariat 5.0 with the longer bed. I haven't used it to tow anything yet. Has anyone here towed with this combo and if so what are your thoughts? Thanks in advance
  6. jumpoff

    Seeking suggestions to upgrade performance 4.6L Ford F150

    I recently purchased a 2003 Ford F150 Crew 2wd with a 4.6L. It has 153k. I've used it to tow my pup. It isn't horrible but more power would be nice. Does anyone have any ideas to improve performance in the $1000 to $1500 range ? I hate loud exhaust too so that wouldn't be an option.
  7. jumpoff

    Thanksgiving at Amicalola Falls State park Ga.

    Hey everyone. We got back Sat nite from our 1st camping trip of 2017. It had almost been a full year since we last camped in Dec of 2016. It was quite the trip up to the North Ga. mountains from North east Florida....about 400 miles worth. I was determined not to let the Atlanta traffic kill me...
  8. jumpoff

    First Camping Trip of the Year

    What a crazy year this has been. My wife and I both have had 2 job changes within the last year and they have totally interfered with our leisure time and have made camping all but impossible. But the good news for me was that I finally got my dream job 3 weeks ago. I'm working 9 to 5 Monday...
  9. jumpoff

    Amicalola State Park

    We are going to Amicalola State Park in Northern Ga. for Thanksgiving. I noticed on their website that it says the campsites are at the end of a 25% uphill grade. Has anyone here ever been there and can you tell me if you had any issues with pulling your camper up that steep of a grade ? Thank...
  10. jumpoff

    Hiawassee Lake and Murphy NC Area

    Does anyone have a favorite campground in the Hiwassee Lake and Murphy area of NC ?
  11. jumpoff

    My Friends to the North

    Down here in Florida...hey if you happen to see my pup flying by please tell me where it lands...[8D]
  12. jumpoff

    Came across this.....

    Thought this might be of interest to some of the off the grid campers out there...
  13. jumpoff

    2003 Ford F150

    I just recently purchased a 2003 Ford 150 Super Crew with a 4.6 and a 3.55 rear end. Does anyone have this setup ? I'm thinking about selling my Sierra and just going with this as my tow vehicle. I have a Coleman Utah which loaded weighs around 3000 lbs.
  14. jumpoff

    How Many States Have You Camped In ?

    I was just sitting around dreaming about camping and was thinking about how many states I've camped number is 7... I'm sure most of you are higher than that. What is your number ?
  15. jumpoff

    Southernmost KOA

    We stayed at Sugarloaf Key last weekend in the southernmost KOA. We didn't bring our camper and we stayed in a "Park Model " that they rented to us. It was a great location but the Class A's and 5th wheels were wedged in pretty tight. They have a lot of amenities and the location is right on...
  16. jumpoff

    Your Favorite Day Hike and Why ?

    I'll be first... [:D] My favorite day hike is the profile trail at Grandfather Mtn. in N.C. You go out to McRae Peak and the Calloway Peak. They are about 6600 ft. For those of you in the Rockies I know that elevation seems low but for east of the Miss. River that's really high. The reason I...
  17. jumpoff

    Anastasia State Park Florida

    This coming weekend we are going to camp at Anastasia State Park in St Augustine. This is sort of our "go to" park when we don't have a chance to really get out of town. It should be interesting to see how the park and the 5 miles of oceanfront with in were affected by Hurricane matthew. Yeah...
  18. jumpoff

    Pics from Cades Cove Trip

    Pictures from Cades Cove
  19. jumpoff

    Crazy Irony

    So last week we had the hurricane coming at us. For 3 days I worried over losing power at home. On Sunday I headed to Cades Cove for our camping trip..(.you know where this is going right ??) So I'm sitting on the picnic table at the campsite thinking about how I just drove 500 miles for the...
  20. jumpoff

    Hurricane Coming

    We are now in a "hurricane warning" along the north east Florida coast... I just got to thinking about what you would need if your power goes out for several days or worse if your home is damaged significantly. After the storm my pup in the garage could be my alternate living option. It has...