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    Last trip for 2014?

    DH and I are planning to head for one of our favorite places to camp for our last hurrah of the year. No real vacation time left and some unexpected expenses have quashed our tentative plan to maybe drive towards the south and extend our season just a bit. There aren't too many CG's open after...
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    Moreau Lake State Park

    Stayed at Moreau Lake State Park for two nights from Sunday to Tuesday September 14 to 16. For the most part the campsites were fairly generous with picnic tables and fire places (no grates so bring your own). All are shaded, some a bit more than others. There is vegetation trees, shrubs etc...
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    Quechee State Park

    Dh and I just returned from two nights at Quechee. It had been about 25 years since we were there with the kids who are all grown now. Sites are generally roomy with vegetation creating a buffer between them. No hook-ups and coin operated showers. It's an older park. The rest room near our site...
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    Just received the AAR I found on E-bay. We had one with our other Rockwood and really liked it although it could be a PITA to set up. Can't use it with the new Rockwood because the awning has zippers and the AAR velcro and it's not tall enough. New Rockwood is several inches higher off the...
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    Camping tips

    Stumbled across this article as I was looking for something else. Even though it was aimed at tent campers and the author is based in U.K. so some of the terms sound odd to us Yanks, the points apply to those of us in PUPS, too. Hopefully the link works...
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    Moreau Lake State Park NY

    Has anyone on the portal Camped at Moreau Lake State Park in NY? Site recommendations? Photos? Read several reviews off site, most positive but fairly generic. Thanks.
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    Mashomoquet State Park-Wolf Den Campground

    Back from two nights at Wolf Den Campground in Pomfret CT. Small (only 35 sites), no hook ups mostly "field" camping so limited shade. We've camped there before, mostly when the adult children were kids and it really hasn't changed. Trees that were just saplings have grown so there's a bit more...
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    Spent the weekend camping at Mills-Norrie State park Campground. Not the best campground, but certainly not the worst either. Most sites are treed and rather small with not much space between sites. There was one other PUP at the campground and one big rig, most folks were tenting. I think there...
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    Grilled Pies!

    There have been several occasions where I have baked a "pie" while camping. More like a fruit tart using a single crust sort of gathered over a fruit filling. I've used a foil pie pan and baked them in my coleman oven, very yummy. Yesterday I got one of my "updates" from Pillsbury and the...
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    Not quite the trip we planned

    Must say sometimes things work out for the better. DH and I were supposed to be camping this weekend in NH, but our TV ended up needing some repairs. Had hoped they could be done in time to follow through with our plans, but no such luck. Considering the current weather conditions and the...
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    Jealous-sort of

    Haven't been on the site in about a year and haven't been camping for even longer [:(] Our Rockwood needed a new canvas which we'd planned to order after our final trip in 2011, then came the series of "natural disasters" and personal issues. The weather-- heavy snow, strong wind, etc. caused...
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    14 out of 25 nights camping!!

    Just spent fourteen out of the last twenty-five nights camping. It was great. Included five different campgrounds in three different states and they ranged from lakeside to riverside to a short drive to a Cape Cod beach. We saw rapids, waterfalls, dams, dunes, canals, caves and wildlife as well...
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    NY loop return

    Finished our first trip of the year with only a few glitches. As I posted earlier, we were doing nine days/nights at three parks in NY. First stop, Glimmerglass with no hookups. There was only one other PUP to be found and a few RV/Trailers, mostly all the other campers were tenting. They balso...
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    NY loop

    Can't wait for our first trip of the season, nine days/nights on a loop through NY!! Glimmerglass, Fourmile Creek and Green Lakes on the return should make for a nice trip. Looking forward to relaxing, biking and seeing some sights to say nothing of good old camp cooking.
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    Replacing 3-way-opinions, please

    We have a 1990 Rockwood and the 3-way frig died last trip out. The cooling unit is shot and a replacement cooling unit is more expensive than a replacement frig. We found a replacement 3-way frig (we're usually camping with no hook-ups, so the propane frig is great) for around $450. It just...
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    ON, Has anyone camped at Glen Rouge Park just outside of Toronto and if so what's your opinion of the place?