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    So, what did you do for your camper, November 2013?

    Let us know how you like it. We debated between that and a Grand Cherokee. Ended up with a 2013 Grand Cherokee with factory tow and a Hemi but we've yet to actually tow with it. It was a hard choice.
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    Sunrises, Sunsets, and Skyscapes

    Nearing sunset at Hillsborough River State Park during the Potluck at the 2013 Florida Fall Rally.
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    So, what did you do for your camper, October 2013?

    Bought it a new TV. 2013 Grand Cherokee Laredo X in Maximum Steel with a factory Class IV tow package and yeah, it's gotta HEMI. lol
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    Annoyed with Camping World...Grrr! (vent)

    I'm definitey not defending Camping World but my local store has never done wrong by me, in fact, they've sent me two $25.00 merchandise certificates with no strings attached in the last three months! One helped purchase a new aluminum folding table and the other all the glide tape I need for...
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    Are there any kind of time frames for anything today?
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    We're here setting up in the dark. Fun fun.
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    Lowes Clearance Sale

    If you hurry you can find some amazing dealson their website for all kinds of things at Lowes. They're having a huge clearance sale and some of the prices are pretty ridiculous! I scored a new Lantern light string set (just in time for the Rally this weekend) that was normally $20.00 for $1.30...
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    Kimmygr...Lithia is nearly in our backyard and we go all the time, spring or no spring. It's a nice change of scenery from concrete block. lol
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    Don't count on Dead River, it's for non-profits and church groups. Used to be one of my favorite places to go for "me time" until the feral hogs rooted it all up :( Edward Medard Park is in Plant City and Lithia Springs just outside of Brandon both have nice sites but are walk up only. Anyone...
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    I just spoke to the Ranger too. My site is closed for the next two days and they ARE cancelling out reservations if they don't think the sites will be dry in time. Make sure to call before you go next week :(
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    sites 102 - 110 get really bad if the weather's been wet. If any of ours are in 106- or 108 they might still have a heck of a time. Super mucky even after a weeks drying out and right next to the swamp so it takes awhile for the water to recede (unless they've done something to improve...
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    Good campsites at Oscar Scherer State Park

    Just a tad late, we went over the Labor Day weekend. lol. We stayed in site 88 which was great. Had plenty of room, directly across from the bathrooms so didn't have to worry about the kid going by herself, and had a path going down to the creek. Only bad thing which wasn't site specific as it...
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    Just bought first pop up

    Congrats! You should come to the Florida Fall Rally at Hillsborough River State Park near Tampa. There will be a LOT of us there and there are still open sites.
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    New Favorite DO side dish Corn Pudding

    That sounds yummy! Think I might have to try that out for the Florida Fall Rally Pot Luck. Thanks for posting.
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    Not sure where to advise but looks like we'll have two kids instead of one. Our daughter would like to bring a friend so one nearly 8yr old and one nearly 11 yr old for us now. lol
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    Too much moisture in morning

    We keep Damprid open and on the counter everytime. We also vent the windows by unzipping the corners down a few inches as well as have a small oscillating fan going. We've never had moisture issues.
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    solar powered task lamp from IKEA

    Great idea! I've found lots of useful items for the pup there.
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    Labor Day Weekend, where's everyone going?

    Friday through Monday at Oscar Scherer State Park, going to hit Casperson Beach for some shark tooth hunting and Yoder's Amish Restaurant since we'll be in the area.
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    what camp stove do you have

    We use our pup's stove outside or we cook over the fire.
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    Hello from Valrico Florida

    You could try Lithia Springs or Medard Park. They're walk up only but you'd better get there as soon as they open Friday morning. Thursday morning would be even better. We've gone so far as to pay for a spot the night before we could actually camp there to be sure we COULD camp there on the...