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  1. jumpoff

    Where's Orchid?

    Orchid.. glad you are recovering from your surgeries. I saw this thread and I really couldn't imagine the portal without your contributions. It's hard to say welcome back because I haven't been here in an awfully long time myself. My spouse had a career change and it has made camping time or any...
  2. jumpoff

    Are you always thinking of your next Pop up?

    I think you did a great job of explaining all the differences
  3. jumpoff

    Newbie in North Central FL.

    Welcome from St John's County
  4. jumpoff

    Fireside Chat

    That's great news. Glad you're back.
  5. jumpoff

    Planning a trip to Gatlinburg

    The last couple years the first couple weeks of November have been more colorful.
  6. jumpoff

    Planning a trip to Gatlinburg

    Great pictures. I stayed a little further east on 321 last weekend. I stayed at the Smokey Bear but in a camping cabin. Did you guys do any hikes while you were there?
  7. jumpoff

    My new life - retired and full time!

    Amazing how so many of the battles were fought within a 100 mile radius.
  8. jumpoff

    weather problems

    Awe man, I just saw your location, Graceville Fl. I just looked you up on the map, you were definitely in the teeth of the storm. We should have been checking up on you. Glad to hear that you're alright.
  9. jumpoff

    Funny/scary/weird experiences...

    "Once we were camped next to 4 meth heads with a one-eyed parrot." Orchid that is he best first sentence of any story I've ever read....that's one for the ages !!!! I'm still laughing
  10. jumpoff

    We Bought a New To Us Pup!

    Tim, Nice job on the negotiation. That's a good price.
  11. jumpoff

    My new life - retired and full time!

    Where will you be staying down here in Fl. ?
  12. jumpoff

    My new life - retired and full time!

    This is an amazing blog. Your attention to detail is fascinating.
  13. jumpoff

    Funny/scary/weird experiences...

    I wonder what would have caused the float to explode like that?
  14. jumpoff

    Traded in two wheels for a Pop-up

    Welcome from N.E. Florida. Thank you for your service.
  15. jumpoff

    Power winch with mind of its own.

    After reading these stories it makes me feel better about the 64 crank revolutions it takes me to raise my roof...but now since I said that mine will probably break too...
  16. jumpoff

    Best Time to Buy and Sell?

    I think timing is important but if you are selling it on your own how you write the description and the pictures you post are almost more important.
  17. jumpoff

    PopUp Wave?

    I cut a guy off one time while I was towing my pup.....I vaguely remembered a wave he gave me using only one finger...
  18. jumpoff

    Old man rant...

    The people here on the Portal are what makes it great and fun.
  19. jumpoff

    Family living in a pup

    Was there a particular reason they decided to do this?
  20. jumpoff

    1997 Coleman smell brand new

    Your question was "Is this common for a 21 year old tent camper to smell almost the same as the day I bought it new? "... My answer, "No"