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    Sold our pup.. picking up our TT this week..

    We have been toying with the idea of upgrading to a TT for about a year now.. DW really wanted a full size bathroom, and we needed a bigger fridge. We went to a local RV show recently and got a killer deal on a NEW 2011 Keystone Hideout 21FQSWE that was on Closeout to make room for the 2012's...
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    Propane not cooling as well as 120v

    We recently went to Pinecrest with some friends and had a blast. Weather was nice ; 70’s during the day, 50 at night. We had an issues with the fridge not cooling very well that hopefully you all can help with. We ran the fridge on propane and it cooled but not all that great. I pre-cooled...
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    “Real” Maiden Voyage in N2U Pup

    While not technically the maiden voyage in our N2U pup (we spent a few nights at a local RV Park about 15min from our house earlier this summer as our pseudo camp driveway, ours isn’t level enough to setup the pup), this was our first real trek away from home. We went to Pinecrest with some...
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    Is my battery worth saving?

    When we bought our N2US pup last fall the previous owner said he had never used the battery (always camped with hookups) and wasn't sure if it was dead; its a DieHard Group 24 battery. We haven't had an opportunity to use our pup until now, were going in early June. I removed the battery from...
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    Dri-Z-Air - Does anyone us it?

    I am getting ready to store my pup for the winter and was wondering if anyone uses Dri-Z-Air or something similar in their pups? I used this years ago when I stored my TT for long periods of time, and know several people who swear by it in their RV's. Thanks for your advice :)
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    Trailer Brake contoller help.. which one?

    Hello again, Well I bought a NU2ME 1995 Jayco 1207 today [:D] with electric brakes. Now I need to order a brake controller for my TV (2006 Pathfinder). I have a Tekonsha Voyager in my truck but wont be using that as my primary TV. I have been looking at the Tekonsha Prodigy (90185) and the...
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    Looking at a 1995 Jayco 1207.. Need advice

    Hello all, I am new to the forum. I have been reading posts from other users, and am looking forward to having a trailer that we can enjoy. We have been looking at buying a popup trailer for a few months now and are finally ready to take the plunge. We have seen several on CL but everytime we...