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  1. Eric Webber

    Carefree Campout Awning and Buena Vista Add A Room on Highwall

    Wanted to post a pic or two On a Fleetwood Arcadia (4 metre awning and room)
  2. Eric Webber

    Brainstorm - Cistern/Rainwater Collection

    Just trying to think an idea through, and wondering if anyone has any ideas or sees flaws that I should be factoring in This summer, from May-October, I have a seasonal site in a provincial park. Full electric, but no water hookup. While there is a tap nearby, I want to do better than going...
  3. Eric Webber

    BBQ Canopy Tent

    I just booked a seasonal site and am in the planning stages I want to have a dedicated “kitchen tent” for preparing food, and was wondering if anyone knows of a pop-up instant canopy that has a chimney vent so I can also set up my charcoal grill under the shelter. At home, I have a permanent...
  4. Eric Webber

    New PUP announcement!

    Although I am sad that our late 90s Coleman Santa Fe is done for (I think I would need to put $500 into it to hope to sell it for $500) I am happy to “brag” about our new camper, a 2007 Fleetwood Arcadia! We looked at it’s “almost twin”, the Niagara, but this one was just in such great shape...
  5. Eric Webber

    I think my Santa Fe is dead

    Well, that's not great. I just got my camper (1998 Coleman Santa Fe) back from getting the brakes done and the bearings packed. Started to crank it up and heard a snap. The whiffle tree is no longer connected to the crank assembly. I have to take it apart to see what's what, but I suspect the...
  6. Eric Webber

    Dropped battery mount

    I decided to lower the battery mount by a few inches. I will also weld on a slightly raised deck for storage, leaving the main frame free for a WDH This gives me two levels, and the top deck will be removeable but still act as a theft deterrent for my nice 110ah lithium Trojan trillium battery...
  7. Eric Webber

    Water pump

    my old Santa Fe doesn’t have any provision for dry camping anymore. The gravity fill is condemned, the pipe is gone, and the undermount water tank has holes in it. Plus I have a regular tap on the sink - fed by PEX these days Would it be possible to use a 12v on demand pump from a jug (water...
  8. Eric Webber

    Hello from Montreal!

    Hello everyone! I am a longtime reader and a longtime popup owner Grew up camping in a late 70s Lionel and started borrowing my parents’ 1999 Coleman Santa Fe when I met my now wife Fast forward to now. I’m a hobbyist woodworker with a wife and 6-1/2 year old son and a 3 month old golden...