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    We counted all the campers we saw on the road

    I can't address whether more folks are opting away from PUPS but I can share this. My DH and I went to the darkside in 2018 for several reasons. We are older and stiffer and as much as I love the openness of the PUP retrieving supplies from under benches, setting up to cook outdoors and just...
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    State parks along the Hudson Valley

    Was there three years ago. Mixed feelings. Sites not the biggest for PUPS and not a lot of privacy between sites. Mostly tenters there. You can also hear the train as it approaches. It was a weekend in August when we were there. Wrote a review shortly after. Guess it depends on your expectations.
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    I creep on my neighbors with campers

    And then there are the folks like DH and I. Would love to have the PUP out all the time, unfortunately constraints on time and finances curtail that impulse. Prefer state parks with no hook-ups, but HHH weather makes that uncomfortable. When the weather cools down a bit, then the PUP is gone...
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    Lets talk about keeping rodents away.

    So far over the years have had more problems with critters in the house than the PUP. Did have a mouse gnaw one corner of a blanket once while we were camping, but that's been about it. Maybe it's because we actually have food in the house and not in the PUP. Other than the curtains and...
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    To camp or to party ? Which one did you come for

    I have no real problem with people enjoying themselves while camping.On one trip last year there were several large family groups with adjoining sites who played music, did some dancing, played games and enjoyed communal feasts, but the noise and activity were done well before dark and it almost...
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    Last trip for 2014?

    DH and I are planning to head for one of our favorite places to camp for our last hurrah of the year. No real vacation time left and some unexpected expenses have quashed our tentative plan to maybe drive towards the south and extend our season just a bit. There aren't too many CG's open after...
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    Fall Weather Test

    Since we seldom camp with electricity, if the temp outside is in the thirties and inside goes down into the fifties, the furnace goes on. Otherwise the thermal blanket, fleece one and puffy comforter usually suffice. If it's also raining and the cold is a damp one, we may run the furnace to take...
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    Absolutely the best time to camp! Cool weather, few crowds, no mosquitos! DH and I are headed out early next week for a couple of nights in Vermont and our last planned trip is the week before Halloween for a few nights at one of our favorite places on the Cape. We'll cheat and eat out a couple...
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    Bag for cast iron griddle

    I recycle old jeans into bags for all sorts of things. The leg from a pair (large person, not a size 2) made a great bag for my reversible griddle.
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    Leaking problems with new Rockwood tenting.

    Vin, first trip out we were trying to open the canopy. The poles just seemed wrong. Dragged out the packet and sure enough the front rail with the support poles that attach at the top of the PUP and the ones that either go to the ground or the lower part of the PUP had been installed backwards...
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    American Legion State Forest/Austin Hawes Campground

    DH and I just returned from Hawes. Sites are generous, bathrooms clean and there is at least one threaded spigot on one of the loops. It's across from site 22. Bathrooms are located in the center of each loop with no drive up access and boy is it ever dark at night. There are paths to the...
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    Leaking problems with new Rockwood tenting.

    We have a 2013 and I noticed the fabric seemed different, but didn't think much about it. Haven't noticed any issues when it's been open and rained on while getting ready for trips. When we're out we usually have an extra large tarp up and over it especially if the weather is calling for rain...
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    Moreau Lake State Park

    Stayed at Moreau Lake State Park for two nights from Sunday to Tuesday September 14 to 16. For the most part the campsites were fairly generous with picnic tables and fire places (no grates so bring your own). All are shaded, some a bit more than others. There is vegetation trees, shrubs etc...
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    Moreau Lake State Park NY

    DH and I decided to try Moreau Lake State Park near Saratoga New York. Definitely enjoyed our time there and plan to return for a longer stay. Campsites were generously sized for the most part and there was some buffering between them. A few might prove interesting to back into because of...
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    Planning a 9 night New York trip!

    I second Four Mile Creek near Niagara. Camping includes free admission/parking on the U.S. side of the falls. Green Lakes State Park (closer to Syracuse) has access to the bike path along the Erie Canal, amazingly green lakes and is about a 3+ hour drive to Four Mile. We did a similar trip a...
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    Nimrod Popup

    Welcome to the portal. We owned a Nimrod back in the 80's into the 90's until the kids no longer wanted to camp and it sat for two years. Sold it to DH's coworker. Absolutely loved it. We are on our 4th PUP and the Nimrod is my favorite.
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    Quechee State Park

    Dh and I just returned from two nights at Quechee. It had been about 25 years since we were there with the kids who are all grown now. Sites are generally roomy with vegetation creating a buffer between them. No hook-ups and coin operated showers. It's an older park. The rest room near our site...
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    People who camp and those who don't?

    Part of the lure of camping for me was to be able to explore new places without spending big bucks on accommodations when the kids were young. Two of them still enjoy camping as do their kids, the other not so much, but then she wasn't as in to it even back when. I also like not being concerned...
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    Fall Camping

    We stayed at Greenfield State Park for a weekend last fall. No hookups, large sites, clean bathrooms with coin operated showers. It's in the southern part of the state and is pet friendly. Reservable sites are available until Oct. 11. The park's website indicates the campground is open until the...
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    planning 2015 2 week trip to northeast from nyc with popup need ideas

    Reservations at Nickerson would be a must since it is so popular. Basketball Hall of fame is in Springfield which is close to Six Flags. Two nights in any one place seems to give you a full day for activities and an afternoon/evening depending on set-up/ take-down, traffic, etc. Also...