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  1. Andy G.

    Kohler-Andrae State Park

    We stayed at Kohler-Andrae last weekend. Heavily wooded sites with good spacing. Park is just south of Sheboygan along Lake Michigan, with beautiful beaches and sand dunes. Expect to hear the dull roar of the waves throughout much of the campground on a windy day, which is not unpleasant at all...
  2. Andy G.

    Which Acme nut do I need?

    My propane regulator has the old style POL connector, so I need a wrench to attach it to my 20 pound tank. I want to remove that POL fitting and replace it with a modern Acme nut. I noticed that they come in different colors, based on capacity. I'm not sure which color I need, but I believe I...
  3. Andy G.

    Patricia Lake Campground

    We're currently staying at Patricia Lake campground near Minocqua in Wisconsin's Northwoods. VERY QUIET and beautiful private campground, with about 2/3 seasonal and 1/3 daily sites. Mostly an older clientele. Very clean, and staff and seasonal campers seem friendly. Bathrooms have pay showers...
  4. Andy G.

    I let some friends borrow our popup...

    We have some good friends at our church. They wanted to try camping for the first time, and we let them borrow our pup. I went through everything with them, and they were very excited and looking forward to their trip. On the second day, they had a huge rainstorm that collapsed the awning. Bent...
  5. Andy G.

    Torflex axle issue

    Last fall, I had a blowout on one of my 1992 Starcraft Starflyer Popup's tires. I had a terrible time replacing the wheel, and today I found out why. Seems like my Dexter Torflex axle has failed. The swing arms are now pointed at the 2 o'clock position, rather than downward at the previous 4...
  6. Andy G.

    Do axles get "tired"?

    I've noticed that my popup seems to be sitting lower to the ground than it used to. This is evident by the scraping of the underside as I back the camper into my driveway. The popup is a 1992 Starcraft Starflyer, and has a Dexter torson-flex axle. As far as I know, I have not overloaded the...
  7. Andy G.

    New tire goes BOOM!

    After a nice weekend of camping, we were returning home when we had a blowout on the brand new driver's side pup tire. Pulled over to change it, but discovered the spare wouldn't fit, even though it was THE SAME SIZE AND MANUFACTURER! The spare tire was considerably taller & wouldn't fit in the...
  8. Andy G.

    Charlestown State Park

    This is a large park situated on the Ohio River. Lots of trails to explore and quite a bit of wildlife. The campground loop we were in was fairly open, with clean modern shower and bathrooms. They do have a small store for essentials, such as firewood, ice, etc. Campsites are level and tend to...
  9. Andy G.

    Mounds State Park

    We spent two nights at Mounds State Park near Anderson. This park is beautiful, and well cared for. The sires are fairly open, but spacious. There is an excellent outdoor pool with a high dive, which was perfect on the hot days we were there. To say they have a few raccoons at this park would be...
  10. Andy G.

    Salamonie Lake campground

    This campground is near Huntington. We stayed there over the July 4th weekend. As expected, VERY busy and VERY hot. Sites are close together, with moderate vegetation. Bathroom and showers are fairly nice, but pretty steamy, as the exhaust fan doesn't seem to be running. Very nice nature...
  11. Andy G.

    Back from Indiana!

    Spent several days in Indiana on a business trip. Spent two nights at Salmonie Park north of Marion Indiana. It was 4th of July weekend, and place was packed like sardines, and 95 degrees. Not my best idea of camping. Spent next two nights at Mounds State Park near Anderson. Much nicer, with...
  12. Andy G.


    We spent a hot but nice weekend at Wyalusing State Park here in Wisconsin. Beautiful park, few mosquitoes, but suddenly, we noticed ants. ANTS EVERYWHERE! Ants in our food, the bunks, cupboards, and even in the fridge. We shook out everything, then took a trip into town and bought a can of Raid...
  13. Andy G.

    Ticks. What's your story?

    Recently, my daughter went to a local girl scout camp. After she was home again, she noticed that she had a big nasty tick bite on her side. It had been there for two days. I removed it, then since Lyme's disease is commonly carried by deer ticks in our area, we got her in to the doctor right...
  14. Andy G.

    Hot water for dish washing?

    Our pup doesn't have a water heater, so we've been washing the dishes with cold water and detergent in the tiny single sink. Kind of a pain. This season, I think I'll just heat a pot of water on the stove. How do you folks without water heaters do it?
  15. Andy G.

    What's the deal with wheel bearings?

    I don't get it. I've driven cars well over 100,000 miles with very little wheel bearing maintenance, and no issues. I constantly am hearing people recommending that pup bearings need to have grease repacked quite often, and bearings need replacement often too. Are these pup bearings made out of...
  16. Andy G.

    Scheffel''s Hideaway

    We stayed the weekend at Scheffel's Hideaway near Two Rivers. It's a very clean & friendly campground adjacent to Point Beach State Forest. The 50 sites are pretty close together, and most are fairly open, with trees shading the westernmost sites. They have full hookups available, and Wifi...
  17. Andy G.

    Need door key for 1992 Starcraft

    Since I need to store the pup outside at times, I'd like to be able to lock the door, but I have no key. The previous owners didn't have the key either. Any ideas besides calling a locksmith? Its a 1992 Starcraft Starflyer. Thanks!
  18. Andy G.

    Propane tank cover- any benefits?

    My PUP has no tank cover on the propane tank. Any benefits to having one, other than weather protection?
  19. Andy G.

    First trip was a success!

    After a lot of cleaning, fixing, and packing, we took our new (to us) pup for a single overnight at Devils Lake State Park in WI, only 45 minutes from home. It was beyond great! We got the last available campsite with electricity, and got the pup set up in 20 minutes. My wife and daughter...
  20. Andy G.

    What to do with gray water?

    Being brand new to the world of pups, I'm curious as what do do with the gray water connection on the side of my pup. Do you just put a pail under and collect it? If so, where would you dump it? Or, do you put a hose on it and just run it out into the woods? Thanks! Andy