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    Where was the worst campground you ever stayed?

    Camp Waubeeka in Copake NY. I did a review of it when i got back and it had pics of the "horrors". But from start to finish, "Swimming lake" was a marsh and filthy with leaches Woman in golf cart directing me to my site was "tipsy" Same woman tried to put me into wrong site My "deluxe full...
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    Hi! It's me again....

    no worries... But here's a riddle for you. What song is that entire quote from? And no you can't use Google
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    Hi! It's me again....

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    Hi! It's me again....

    I haven't been around for a while. But I'm still alive and kicking... Just figured I would say hello
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    Question for campers that have added thicker mattresses to their pup.

    In our old pup, we just used a 4 inch memory foam topper on top of the pup matress and the top came down with just slight resistance.
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    Do you miss the tents?

    3 major factors made us give up our Pup, 1- rain, and having to worry about the bunk ends staying wet and getting mildew 2- set up was getting to be too much more my well abused back 3- we want to do cross country trips and wanted the convenience of just getting up and going into the back...
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    Well... It was inevitable

    Brought her home today! WOW!! She is big!!! But soooooo nice ...... Im a happy camper :)
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    Well... It was inevitable

    Thank you, we have a couple of cross country trips planned and being able to keep driving while the DW gets up and makes lunch, or being able to use the bathroom while still moving is priceless!!! Pulling into a rest stop and switching drivers is great for those long "power drives" ... We have...
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    Well... It was inevitable

    Well, its been a long time coming since 2007 when we bought our used pup.. But our dream has finally been realized!! We are now the proud owners of a 2006 Jayco Greyhawk 31SS Class C motorhome. Learned so much info on this site, im hoping to show up at a few pup rallies in the future, (...
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    Are you a "glamper" or a real camper?

    We have tent camped, now we have the pup, it has heated mattresses, shower/toilet, fridge, stove, heater... BUT... We want to move up to a Class C because we want to have an easier set up, some really long distance trips, PLUS... We want the creature comforts!
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    May have to cancel a trip to a new park due to Pet Policy

    If I can't take my puppy to a campground, that just shows me that the campground isn't good enough for my puppy! I' ll spend my money elsewhere!
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    2014 Vermont Fall Foliage Rally - Sept 26-28

    Hey, does anyone know what is around the campground for tourist stuff... Souvenirs, food, etc...
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    Am I overheating or paranoid? Grand Cherokee owners weigh in?

    I understand that, but they are still too small for the real world of towing. And the posters best bet would to make sure that the radiator is flowing coolat, then make sure the heat is being removed from the engine/coolant. And to make sure the transmission fluid is also being cooled properly...
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    Am I overheating or paranoid? Grand Cherokee owners weigh in?

    Oh, and even if your cherokee has the factory tow package, I can guarantee that if it has an auxiliary transmission cooler, it will be too small for any real towing. The factory coolers are always too small
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    Am I overheating or paranoid? Grand Cherokee owners weigh in?

    I have had more than 1 cherokee in my lifetime and luckily they have all been equipped with the 4.0 straight six. I have towed my pup up and down hills, flatlands, etc. right now my tow vehicle is a 04 grand cherokee special edition with the straight six, it tows just fine... But in your...
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    Don't Need For the First Time Pup Owner

    The first and foremost thing you don't need while camping is stress PERIOD
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    Trailer dolly

    I had a very good one when I first got my pup, used it once then once I got the whole backing up the trailer thing, never used it again. Too much of a hassle to use and I didn't want to drag it around in the TV to use at campgrounds. Get good at backing up/placement of your pup and put the...
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    ?'s for battery gurus

    Lol..... Anyone that was at the 2008 RI spring rain rally will tell you, that my wife knows how to put a deep cycle battery to the test!! As a matter of fact this was the same battery that my wife tried to kill back then...
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    ?'s for battery gurus

    I have a interstate SRMgrp 24 battery it is 6 years old. I have taken very good care of it. Always kept charged, always taken indoors after every trip. I do not have a hydrometer to check the specific gravity in each cell, but always keep them filled with distilled water. When charged, the...