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  1. netslacker

    Winter Camping

    Th campgrounds we like are these: Shenandoah River state park. Nice campground. Bring bikes for the trail. Close to the national park for hiking. Claytor Lake state park. Bring the yaks. Smith mountain lake state park. Douthat State park. Seven Points campground on Raystown Lake in PA...
  2. netslacker

    Winter Camping

    We’re in northern VA, have a pup and have done some cooler (40 degree) camping in it. Biggest problem we have is keeping my wife and smaller kids warm. The boys in the family stay warm just fine, not my wife. sure, we have a furnace but the heat from it doesn’t really get into the bunk ends...
  3. netslacker

    2 Night Stay Requirement

    We will stay the first night and then cancel the second night on the booking website. We don’t get the money back but it does open the site to other campers. Not sure if that’s an option.
  4. netslacker

    Can NOT get anywhere before Dark......

    I see a lot of obstacles are in your way. That’s unfortunate. It also sounds like you depend highly on others for your camping experience, which is probably a blessing and a curse. We have changed the way in which we camp. Previous to this year we were always arriving late, too. By the time we...
  5. netslacker

    School and camping...

    Last year was great for us, too. Lots of camping with remote school. However, this year our son is a senior and he’s got AP classes, colleges to figure out and apply to, STEM research and he picked up a part time job (because, why not busy every single open minute?!). So, camping this year will...
  6. netslacker

    RV site.. or tent site?

    Our favorite campground describes the acceptable equipment at each site. They will say the site is “double width” (which means two cars can park side by side) and then they will tell you the length (40 feet long) which can accommodate one rv up to 30’ long with slide and one tent or two tents up...
  7. netslacker

    Popup registration options?

    In Virginia I got a permanent plate. The cost was just a tad more than a 2 year registration. The thing that will get you though in VA is the annual property taxes.
  8. netslacker

    Hamburger patties

    This summer we purchased a Blackstone griddle and it has completely changed our camping food experience - for the better. Burgers are now a staple of every camping trip (so are many other foods previously not possible). I'm probably off topic, but having a good way of cooking your burgers is...
  9. netslacker

    What do you pull your TT with?

    I was just looking at the KZ 201bh. I like it. I also like the No Boundaries 19.8 or the Surveyor 19BHLE has also caught my eye, both bunk houses and both sub-5000 gvwr.
  10. netslacker

    What do you pull your TT with?

    I think I’m gonna dial down the TT to sub-5000# gvwr category. I’ll try and keep the dry weight around 3800 or less. This seems pretty doable with the many lightweight options out there and is more easily towed with mid-sized vehicles. We may give up some space and a feature or two that the...
  11. netslacker

    What do you pull your TT with?

    I think this here is it. Dial down the TT to a level towable by something we'll want to drive on a regular basis.
  12. netslacker

    What do you pull your TT with?

    This is where I struggle a bit. We live in D.C. We have zero need for a truck of any type, really, other than something to tow a TT with. I'm having a hard time justifying a move to a full size truck that's sole purpose would be to pull a TT 6x a year. I was secretly hoping that by starting...
  13. netslacker

    What do you pull your TT with?

    I see you have kayaks. We have kayaks which pose extra weight to the payload. How do you carry your kayaks? on the TV or on the TT somehow?
  14. netslacker

    What do you pull your TT with?

    Agreed! The payload on the Sequoia (another option we considered since it's an SUV and not a truck) is nearly the same as our 4Runner (1280-4Runner vs. 1330-Sequoia) so there's nearly no advantage to going to a bigger SUV if payload is the limiting factor (it is, in many cases). Sure, it can...
  15. netslacker

    What do you pull your TT with?

    Yes, good point. This is something I've thought of as well, being bossed around by the 6000lb gorilla from the back isn't fun.
  16. netslacker

    What do you pull your TT with?

    Lots of good feedback. Thanks everyone. I have been trying to make the numbers work with a mid-size truck but payload continues to be the limiting factor. I do see others towing some of these trailers with a mid-size but like many of you have called out, it's not ideal. At this stage I'm...
  17. netslacker

    What do you pull your TT with?

    The dark side calleth, but our TV isn’t up for it (2008 4Runner V6). So, we’re looking to make the transition to the dark side in two steps possibly: upgrade the TV this year and upgrade the TT either later this year or next. The TTs that have caught our attention are the following: Coachmen...
  18. netslacker

    Wind Chimes on a Camper

    In my books, wind chimes in a campground are right up there with generators and loud music. I consider all of these types of things to be in the “just don’t do it” category. Be considerate of your fellow campers. in the case of the OP where the offenders are not even there, I’d go knock to...
  19. netslacker

    Cassette won’t go back in

    You can see wear marks on the top of the cassette (pic 1) as to where the door in question has opened in the past. In it's current position, it cannot open in that direction. You can also see in pic 2 that the flush engagement mechanism (the part that turns the valve open in the cassette) is...
  20. netslacker

    To Eat or not to Eat

    We camp in bear country often. We’ve also prepared and ate food inside the pup. However, if the weather is nice we’ll never prepare or eat inside for no reason other than we love being outside when we can. We’re not crazy sticklers to bear “rules” that you’ll read on here but we do make a point...