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    Hi! It's me again....

    I haven't been around for a while. But I'm still alive and kicking... Just figured I would say hello
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    Well... It was inevitable

    Well, its been a long time coming since 2007 when we bought our used pup.. But our dream has finally been realized!! We are now the proud owners of a 2006 Jayco Greyhawk 31SS Class C motorhome. Learned so much info on this site, im hoping to show up at a few pup rallies in the future, (...
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    ?'s for battery gurus

    I have a interstate SRMgrp 24 battery it is 6 years old. I have taken very good care of it. Always kept charged, always taken indoors after every trip. I do not have a hydrometer to check the specific gravity in each cell, but always keep them filled with distilled water. When charged, the...
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    Check those tire date codes

    I bought my pup in 2007 from the original owner. It is a 2002 year model. The previous owner told me that he bought all 3 tires new before I bought it. Well this might be our last year in the pup (class c in our future) but I know the tires are overdue, so I bought new tires that should be...
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    Took the plunge...(figuratively )

    Me and the DW just purchased two of these at our local walmart They were less than what they are listed for online...(go figure). Anyways, we are happy with the purchase and we are now looking for a way to secure them on the pup...
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    ?'s about horse neck beach campground MA

    Just trying to get some insights/reviews on this campground. We have never camped at a beach before and I would like to try it. Or even other beach camping in.NH or ME
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    Just got back

    Just got back from Charlie Brown Campground in Eastford CT. This campground is VERY quiet! Great little campground. Not alot of activities, but it is quiet and relaxing. Great place to get away from it all. The campstore mostly has smore's fixin's but not much more that i could see. The...
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    I got to get me one of these! My new camping shirt!!!
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    Name for atwood stabilizer handle?

    Last weekend when i was setting up imfound that i must have lost the small round metal rod that is used to jack up the stabilizers once they are down. I am not sure what they are called, but is there anything other than a big screwdriver i can use ? Maybe a piece of rebar?
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    Forest Lake Campground Winchester New Hmpshire

    Just got back from one of the best camping experiences i have ever had. When i looked at this campground online and tried to find reviews, there was only one i could find from 2008! well, i will be adding another one. First let me say that this campground does NOT have alot of activities, no...
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    Backup to spare tire?

    Ok...I know some folks here have had both tires go out while traveling. I just was wondering what anyone uses for a "oh she# t" moment....fix a flat? Tire slime? of course this would only work for a puncture...
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    Trying something different

    We are going on a trip soon and instead of me continually stressing over things like. Pup tires, making sure we have everything we need just in case something goes bad, etc... I am trying to relax and just let what happens happen! The pup is sound, the TV is sound, i just keep saying to...
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    Just wondering...

    Both our vehicles are used to tow the pup at different times, sometimes i will go camping with my boys, or buddies, and will use my jeep, when the wife and i go, we use her jeep. I have made duplicate copies of all the paperwork (dog vaccination certificates, insurance, etc...) BUT i dont know...
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    And ya wonder why you got no customers????

    Well i just experienced yet again a rv dealership parts dept that didnt know what was going on so i got 3 different answers before i had to ask the parts guy to look for the part! Ok alittle info.... I have a awning like the rest of us with pup's have, a dometic, trimline a&e bag awning...
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    Want to change propane connector to a ACME connector

    I hate having to use a wrench when putting the tank and regulator together, i would like to use a ACME fitting which would make it so much simpler. I have one from our old barbeque and was wondering if that one would be the same type to use on the pup's regulator? I am thinking it would be...
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    Carlisle tires

    Ok...before the bashing begins my carlisle tires have been good to me ..... Now I see that they have changed the tread patern on the radial st tires (ST 145/12) does anyone have any more info on the improvements? I can't seem to find anything other than what is on carlisles website
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    Rebuilding jack?

    The jack on the front of my pup is getting sort of hard to turn. Has anyone taken theirs apart to grease it back up? Got pics? or know of a "how to" website. Thanks
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    ? About forest river campground in new hampshire

    Has anyone been there? Only review I can find on it is from 2008. Thanks
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    Ace hardware propane refill coupon

    I got a flyer in the mail yesterday that is good till 4/4/2012 for a propane refill for 12.99. Not sure what you guys pay for a refill, but I thought I would pass the info along
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    Moodys rv resort Maine

    Anyone been there before ?