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  1. Jeepguy93

    Coleman Colorado roof poll pics.

    Thank you very much. mine is missing those poles and the road cover flaps from the wind and wears my canvas!
  2. Jeepguy93

    Coleman Colorado Road Cover

    Very nice, so the new cover uses snaps to attach to camper. Not the rail that clips in like the original?
  3. Jeepguy93

    Coleman Colorado roof poll pics.

    I would appreciate that, also is there a pole over the bunk end?
  4. Jeepguy93

    Coleman Colorado roof poll pics.

    Hello, I have a 91 Colorado. I was hoping anyone with one could help me out with some pictures. It never came with the poles that.. 1. Support the road cover with the special curved pieces. 2. Attach together to support the roof. I was wondering if anyone could take some pictures of them so...
  5. Jeepguy93

    Eternabond tape over center seam?

    After my jayco roof was rebuilt I etrabond taped all the seams... I never worry if it's going to develope a leak. Ever....
  6. Jeepguy93

    Screen room?

    Mine zips to the awning. I lay it out flat in front of the awning. Then pick a side/end to start at. Then zip that panel/side, and do the same to the the front and finally the last side. I religiously use mine due to mosquitos.
  7. Jeepguy93

    Screen Room

    My camper came with a screen room that attaches to the awning with roll up shades, it also has a snap on cover for the lower camper to keep bugs from coming under the camper. I personally think it is great. I can set it up alone. How ever I dont know what it cost so I cant comment on value as...
  8. Jeepguy93

    2003 Forest River Rockwood (new to us)

    What a nice camper!
  9. Jeepguy93

    POOP IN THE PUP! (A Truly Crappy Thread)

    Absolutely use mine all the time. I don't know about everyone else but my camper has screens all the way around that allows air flow......good chemicals make for simple emptying. I also dont use an ENTIRE roll of toilet paper in one sitting either.... I'm not getting athletes feet from camp...
  10. Jeepguy93

    In need of a bedding solution..
  11. Jeepguy93

    first time

    Im jealous.
  12. Jeepguy93

    Awning falling apart

    I had a local boat upholstery shop fabricate a new bag out of sunbrella fabric. charged me 60 bucks.
  13. Jeepguy93

    Aqualon vs. Canvas for replacement?

    I just received my replacement from canvas replacements extremely nice. Couldnt be happier!
  14. Jeepguy93

    How many of you actually use the small 3-way refrigerator in your PUP?

    I use mine alot. I just replaced the cooling unit in mine cause I didnt wanna be without it (icecream snickers bars). However I do use coolers when bearboxes are at the campsite (for a reason).
  15. Jeepguy93

    Bed replacement
  16. Jeepguy93

    How many of you actually use the small 3-way refrigerator in your PUP?

    Love my fridge/freezer.. just replaced the cooling unit so now it works really good.
  17. Jeepguy93

    Leaving Up In Driveway?

    They do the same where I live... its for mice... I went camping for a week in july with no probs.. left my camper in the driveway for 3 weeks to go again.. opened it and destroyed!!! I just ordered a new canvas today and im debating what im going to do for the season. I ll take that canvas off...
  18. Jeepguy93

    The one thing you wish someone had told you.

    AWESOME, what a color scheme . I wish someone told me to get one sooner. You are gonna be fine... Do some camp driveways to see what you need to carry and storage and you will be good to go!!! I do personally carry 2 spare tires and 2 sets of bearings (thats just me).
  19. Jeepguy93

    Ordered a new canvas

    thanks i tried that. I have no jayco dealers around me. I called a few rv places and they had nothing.. I also learned jayco isnt making popups anymore, im researching that at the moment.
  20. Jeepguy93

    Ordered a new canvas

    Take advantage of the off season. They made me a nice sunbrella awning bag with zipper and new track for like 60 bucks and that's more intricate that a large vinyl top.