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    Canoes & Kayaks - Show What You Own

    Re: Canoes & Kayaks - Show What You Own Here's our "party rig" Here's my new yak - can't wait to take it out for the first time. Here's my other yak I've gifted to the girlfriend. I'll probably sell it and buy her a sit on top too.
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    Coachmen Clipper

    Mine is a 2002. I'm sure glad there's no purple/pink involved in mine. Yikes.
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    Coachmen Clipper

    All you need to look for is a T5 base bulb.
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    Coachmen Clipper

    Thanks for all the input guys! I guess I never realized the color scheme was anything special, but I do like how it looks too. I saw the faucet at my work a few weeks ago and realized it would be perfect for the camper. With such a small sink I wanted a faucet that would reach up over everything...
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    Coachmen Clipper

    I had her popped up today to install a water pump and new faucet, so I thought... what the hell, why not take some pictures and throw em up. So, it's about time - but here's my rig. SANY0044 by hunter2601, on Flickr SANY0045 by hunter2601, on Flickr New Faucet - "H" for hose and "C" for...
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    Need Help Finding A Part

    I'm not too sure how to explain what it is that I'm looking for.... I opened up my camper the other day to find that I broke what I would call my clothes hanger. It seems like it is meant for hanging, well, hangers on. It swings up and down and latches into place flat against the ceiling. I...
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    Ozarks - Central Northern Arkansas

    Anyone have any suggestions for a good campground in the central northern Arkansas area? We've got a couple of great boondocking sites in the area, but we are meeting some family for a weekend of camping for the 4th - and they are thinking more along the lines of a traditional campground. Plus...
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    Fridge Fan Mod

    You can wire it to be constantly on when supplied with 12V power. I personally put a switch on mine so that I wouldn't be using juice from my battery when boondocking when it's cooler outside, seeing as it isn't really needed. But otherwise yes you could wire it in a way to be constantly on -...
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    Another tornado...

    I don't live far from Joplin, but luckily no damage here. It really is true that people are finding X-rays from the hospital, family pictures, and shingles miles and miles away. Crazy amounts of damage down there, luckily people are doing all they can to help. At work today (lumber yard/hardware...
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    That's a power jack???

    Really just about anything (within reason in regards to how much juice is being pulled) that is 12V powered can be run from those ports. A few minutes of simple wiring can replace the standard 12V cig plug with a 1/4" jack. I was going to swap plugs on a cheap 12V fan from wally world, but ended...
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    Maiden Voyage In the Clipper

    We took our maiden voyage in our new to us Coachmen Clipper this past weekend. It was awesome. On top of being a great time with 40+ people on a big float, having a camper is incredible. Everything is so much easier. Wake up to cook breakfast, just use the stove right outside, no need to mess...
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    I Got My LED Bulbs Today...

    Thanks Bud. Mercedes - There is no wiring needed. Both bulbs, incandescent and LED run off 12V power, so it's really just plug and play. If your bulbs look like mine (mine are 921 type bulbs) you're looking for T10 LED bulbs on eBay. Really any of the "mini wedge" type bulbs can be replaced...
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    Missouri campers, I need your advice.

    I see it's already been recommended, but I too would recommend Meramec State Park.
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    Four-wire Digital Voltmeter - PICS - Should I have ordered a two-wire?

    Looks like you bought one that requires a power source in addition to what you're measuring. The red and black are positive and negative (respectively) to the power source for the meter, and the green and blue are positive and black (respectively) to what you're measuring. Problem is, your...
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    What Did You Do To/For Your Camper Today? - May 2011

    Well not today, but yesterday - put new tail lights on and removed some old decals.
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    Utility tent

    Hey I figure if you want to take the time to snoop around the trees and see what's going on, you must really want a free show... take it all in. :)
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    Utility tent

    I ordered the one from Wal-Mart and the battery powered Zodi shower from Cabelas. They both just came in within the last few days so I haven't had a chance to use them, but they should be perfect. Definitely better than hanging a shower bag from a tree and hoping no one is looking!
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    How to attach bracket to new storage box lid??

    I'd also recommend JB Weld. I've had great luck with a product called Quik Steel too. It's like a putty that is two different "ingredients" separated, and once you knead it all together it will eventually dry into something so hard you could even drill and tap it - so it claims. Either way, I've...
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    I Got My LED Bulbs Today...

    @Travelhoveler - For whatever unknown reason, my girlfriend already doesn't like the idea of the cool white lights. We'll see if she really has a problem with them. Better not! :) @KathyB - Because I was peeking around the cabinets through a hole, it's kind of hard to tell how bright the light...

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