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  1. RollTideRick

    Rear porch storage

    Did you ever think about a rear porch? This is a great place to use for transporting certain lightweight items, coolers, chairs, and other items. This is on a 2000 Flagstaff 208.
  2. RollTideRick

    Turtle Beach in July

    Well... we got lucky and found a campsite at Turtle Beach Campground for the middle of July. Located on Siesta Key in Sarasota County Fl., this place is on the beach, what a gem! Leaving out in 13 days gives me time to freshen up the paint on the frame of the Flagstaff. This will be our 4th...
  3. RollTideRick

    Father's Day 2017

    Ready for the trip to Racoon River Campground in Panama City Beach for father's day weekend. Just installed a 15,000 Brisk Air on the Flagstaff, should get the job done. There's "No substitute for cubic inches"! We are having a "Family Meeting" for a little bit of therapy! I hope everyone has a...
  4. RollTideRick

    Hello PUP

    New member here. My name is Rick and I have always loved travel and camping. My wife Linda and I live in Tampa FL. and enjoy taking the grandkids whenever we can. We have a 2000 Flagstaff 208 and tow it with an 06 Dodge Mega Cab 4x4. The truck is a little bit of overkill but we can haul a big...

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