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  1. Ductape

    This Is One Cruel April Fool's Joke Mother Nature !!

    I'm beginning to think we will never get our spring. Take a look at the map, we are in the pink zone (of course !! :eek: ), predicted 8 to 12 " !! HELP !!! :grin:
  2. Ductape

    Branch Brook CG, Campton

    We stayed at Branch Brook in mid July. Branch Brook is on 155 acres, right on the Pemigewasset River. It features a swimming pool, playground, ball field, camp store , and of course, the river. I would estimate approximately 25% of the sites are seasonal. The rest are a mix ranging from full...
  3. Ductape

    2016 - 2nd Annual Maine Rally - Potluck

    Dave, we will bring BBQ pulled chicken sammiches and some tater chips of some kind.
  4. Ductape

    Any Interest In a July 2016 NH Rally ?

    OK, so from early August on, we have three New England rally's..... Maine, R.I., and Vt. Would there be any interest in a Rally in NH, maybe early or mid July ? Also open to suggestions on location. I'm partial to northern NH, anywhere from Conway over to Franconia Notch, but would be open to...
  5. Ductape

    Doggie Chiropractors ... Valuable Service, or Phony Hocus Pocus ??

    OK, so don't want to get too detailed here...... Ran into a Dog chiropractor while camping recently. She asked if she could 'take a look' at my 12 year old dog. Which turned into yanking on his legs, at which point I said we had to go. I've always been of the opinion that chiropractors were...
  6. Ductape

    Ductape Gone Dark

    Well, we've made the change. Picked up our Keystone Bullet 243bhs a couple days ago.
  7. Ductape

    Multiple Trailer Locks Keyed Alike...... Where To Buy ?

    OK, so we have three tow vehicles with four hitches (Excursion also has a front hitch) and three trailers (P'up, dump trailer, and car trailer). I'm tired of always searching for the correct key for the hitch lock, locking hitch pin, etc. I did buy one of those Reese 3 piece lock kits a couple...
  8. Ductape

    Setting Up A Solar Charger For My Pup.....

    Ordered the bulk of my components over last weekend but still need to order my cables. I'll be running a 100 watt panel and want to have a set of cables.... I'm thinking 25'(ish) between the panel and the charge controller so I can be sure the panel gets out in the sun, even if the Pup is in a...
  9. Ductape

    Am I Expecting Too Much Out Of My PUP Brakes ??

    OK, trying to figure out if I have a brake problem on our NTU Rockwood PUP. I wired a 7 way plug and brake controller into my wife's Toyota Highlander (our TV for most of our camping trips). Hooked up to the Toyota to make sure everything was working and went for a spin around town. With the...
  10. Ductape

    Looking For Towing Mirrors

    Howdy folks ! I'm looking for some recommendations on towing mirrors for a 2005 Toyota Highlander towing a Rockwood Premier pup. Hoping to find something relatively inexpensive, easy on / easy off, obviously temporary. Thanks.....

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