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    where do you post?

    This is my 1,000th post! Where is your favorite place to post... mine is in camper!
  2. K

    How do you take awning down b4 storm?

    How do you all get that awning rolled back up when a storm is a coming without a ladder? [PU]
  3. K

    Wi-Fi in parks?

    Just saw on the news Parks Canada plans to put Wi-Fi in all national parks. Some are voicing oposition to this idea. What's everyones' thoughts on this?
  4. K

    The best Christmas present

    What did your honey give you for camping this Christmas (2013)?
  5. K

    Last trip.... soon it will be camp driveway time!

    We are going on what will likely be our last trip of the season this weekend. After that the camper will be used in the driveway for about a month before we put her away for the cold Minnesota winter. We are going to the Norway Beach Recreation Area in the the Chippewa National Forest. When and...
  6. K

    How do you make your smores?

    When we were kids we always melted marshmallows and broke up Hershey bars and put them on graham wafers. But about 10 years ago a friend told me they make theirs by melting marshmallows and placing them between Keebler Fudge Striped Cookies. We have been doing that every since. I am just...
  7. K

    Anyone use one of these?

    Hey I just saw in an Avon book at my office one of these smores cookers. Anyone ever use one to make Smores? Just wondering how they work? We have been just roasting marshmallows and putting them between Keebler fudge striped cookies for years... but this looks interesting: PROD_5028874_XL by...
  8. K

    Scissor jacks

    Hi all! I am finding myself at a loss on the subject of leveling our PUP from side to side. The manual refers to the jacks as stabilizers... not leveling jacks. Our M-6147 is equipped with for scissor jacks. I used them to level it from side to side several times last year unaware that they were...
  9. K

    What camping gear are you buying for Christmas presents/or hoping to get as one?

    I just purchased a zero gravity chair for my Darling Fiancee! I am hoping I get a fold up kitchen for cooking on!
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    Runaway camper

    We stayed at Custer State Park twice on our 2 week trip to the Black Hills and were overwhelmed with it. However, on our second stay there we were just set up when a neighboring PUP rolled off its pad. Suddenly about 20 other campers, myself included, ran towards the runaway camper. We got it...
  11. K

    Walker's Point Recreation Area

    We stayed here near Sioux Falls, SD two weeks ago on our way to the Black Hills. A small but beautiful park. All the sites are on the water as the park is on a long narrow point. Hence the name. Modern bathrooms. All was good until the wind changed to the west and a swampy smell came into camp.
  12. K

    Lake Vermillion Recreation Area

    We stayed at this park near Sioux Falls, SD last week on our way home from the Black Hills. It is in the middle of farm country and is like an oasis. If you stay here be sure to try and get a lake side pull through site. We were in awe! They are up on the bank with a wood fence/rail that has...
  13. K

    Assist handles

    Our new Palomino Mustang 6147 (2011) is quite high off the ground. Elderly members of our family have been complaining how hard it is to get in and out. So I looked on the net and saw assist handles/railings that are available on travel trailers. Has anyone seen or installed on on their PUP?
  14. K

    For PUPs and Hybrid owners only???

    I just read the topic "I gave in...." and saw several members of this site have "gone to the dark side" buying campers that are not Pop Ups... some feel like they have have betrayed the members of this site. I like the fact that the majority of members on here are PUP owners. But at the same...
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    Does your PUP double as a gazebo?

    My dad had a PUP for years and when it wasn't at the campgrounds it was brought home and set up and left up until the next trip. Now he has a hybrid and does the same thing. In fact he and mom sleep in their back yard more than campgrounds! We did the same thing the past two summers with our...
  16. K

    Crapper or no crapper? That is the question

    We recently went to purchase a new camper. Some of the models had toliet/shower combinations. They were located beside a bed...privacy was a hanging curtain.... We took a vote... no one wanted to have any other member of the family take a crap right next to them while in bed. So my question...
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    Back-up battery questions

    We have a 1987 Palomino Pony. It has a back-up battery on the tongue. Does anyone know if it matters what kind/size of battery is in there? The previous owner put a Polaris ATV 12 V in there... I don't know if it will hold a charge still. It is on charger as we speak. The other question I have...

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