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  1. Ductape

    New Folding Faucet!

    Unfortunately, it seems I'm unable to see your pics.
  2. Ductape

    Good deal on rv plugs

    link doesn't work for me ? link
  3. Ductape

    Drawbar, ball trailer, tongue height questions.

    A dab of epoxy will fix that right up......:grin:
  4. Ductape

    New to us HTT

    Congratulations. Great looking trailer.
  5. Ductape

    2001 Westlake crashed and previously rotted storage box repair

    Great idea using plastic to replace the rotted OSB / plywood...... guaranteed never to shrink, stink, wrinkle, or rust !
  6. Ductape

    Nada values

    Yes...... our camper has three options (the only three that were offered then); 15,000 btu a/c instead of the standard 13,500 , aluminum wheels, and an exterior grill. Everything else was standard.
  7. Ductape

    Nada values

    I looked up NADA value on our camper several months ago. They have it valued at about what we paid for it new back in 2015.
  8. Ductape

    What is camping.. Pictures ONLY!

    Lower Falls on the Kanc? Which CG did you stay at?
  9. Ductape

    Rating naked photos?

    Dunno her...... how would you rate her nude pics ?? :grin:
  10. Ductape

    Thinking about moving to a TT, but don't want to regret it

    There are a lot of great sites there ! Shhhhhhh ! Don't tell anyone though...... don't want it to get crowded ! [;)]
  11. Ductape

    Thinking about moving to a TT, but don't want to regret it

    It works like you imagine it ! Switching from a pup to a TT was a great move for us. I too wouldn't go camping for just a weekend with our pup either.... setting up and knocking down 3 times for every one time camping. Now, when home the camper stays plugged in and ready to go. In fact, we leave...
  12. Ductape

    Finally picking up our 2015 Jayco HMD

    Congrats ! Love the cargo deck on the front.
  13. Ductape

    The real dark side

    Would only be better if it were a hearse......... :grin:
  14. Ductape

    Weight of camper was on the stabilizers

    I'm confident your pup frame is fine.
  15. Ductape

    No nice to steal.

    Maybe I'm lucky..... maybe I end up in better campgrounds. In all my years of camping, going back to my teenage years, I've never had anything stolen (while camping).
  16. Ductape

    Do yourself and your truck, a favor.

    I have the Powerstop rotors and calipers on my truck, but Applied Performance brake pads. I'm very happy with the Powerstop calipers, but you are correct, at least with the calipers for my Ford Superduty. They are just remanufactured Ford calipers, so there is no difference between the...
  17. Ductape

    Your best camp meal

    My best camping meal is whatever @shelmily made in his dutch oven. [:D]
  18. Ductape

    5th Annual 2020 Northeast PA Rally

    Oops ! The question remains though.... [:D]
  19. Ductape

    5th Annual 2020 Northeast PA Rally

    No puppy pics Dave ?? [:D]