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  1. CajunMan

    AZ camping

    Am I the only one living in central Arizona that is looking forward to the nicer weather to camp? I am super excited to get out as the temperatures plunge into the 30s 40s and 50s . Where are your favorite spots to go when it gets out of the hundred degree range?
  2. CajunMan

    Labor Day

    Happy Labor Day to everyone, but especially those that it is meant for. As a man that has done construction for 25+ years, I see daily what makes this country great. It is the hard work of so many that builds the banks that control the money, the hospitals that care for the sick, and assemble...
  3. CajunMan

    2020 Rockwood Freedom 1950

    Hi there! I wasn't sure if I had done this yet or not. At the end of last year I purchased my second camper. My previous was a 1989 Coleman Columbia and I needed an upgrade so I purchased a brand new Forest River Rockwood Freedom 1950. I have been out in it seven times this year and loved every...
  4. CajunMan

    Fresh water pukes all over the place

    When I fill my fresh water tank, the reverse pressure throws water up to 4'!! Anyone else have this?
  5. CajunMan


    There are very small screws in my brands new Fleetwood that hold the divider curtain and privacy surround rails to the ceiling. Some were stripped out even installed and are dropping one at a time. Thoughts on replacing with shallow rivets?