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    Looking at Rockwoods 2318g or 2716G, how heavy to push?

    We are looking at an upgrade to a much larger pop up than our 1994 Coleman Columbia and have been focused on Rockwoods 2318g’s and 2716g’s. They have similar floor plans with a slide out dinette on the side and are 2400-2800 lbs dry. One of my biggest concerns is getting them into my storage...
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    To replace PUP canvas or search out a newer PUP

    We have a 1994 Coleman Columbia which has served us well for the past 8 years. However, the water barrier that was sewn into the seams on the bunk ends has been deteriorating and falling out in pieces, which has also lead to increasing amounts of water leaking in when it rains. This camping...
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    Adding rack to roof of camper

    I am looking to add a two bar rack to the top of my pop up. However, I do have a challenge in mounting it, which I am looking to get some insight on. The edges of the roof on my 94 Coleman Columbia are curved. There is some hard wood material underneath the aluminum at the corners which I...
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    First POP of the season

    In my driveway, but with just a couple weeks until our first trip with it I needed to get it opened up. First plus, no water found it's way in after a rather bad winter. So thats good! So, before putting it up I re-greased the whiffle tree (which was looking good as it is) and did my best...
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    What to do with kid for "rest" breaks when your alone?

    I am considering taking my 4 year old daughter on a pre-planned camping trip which my wife, last minute, is unable to go on. My daughter has been looking forward to it and loves camping, and I would hate for her to miss out. We cannot really reschedule either due to my own work-leave schedule...
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    My 94 Coleman Columbia in action

    Taken a week and a half ago at Four Mile State Park along lake Ontario. [:D] This one is a ready to roll picture, heading out of Lakeside State Park (also lake Ontario) from memorial weekend
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    Allegany State Park/Redhouse

    Good morning everyone. We are looking into doing prep for a trip to Allegany State Park. I am wondering what everyone who camps there does about food storage with their PuP to avoid attracting bears. I have been advised anywhere from "its not a problem in the campground" to "the bears are...
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    Busy reservation evening

    I am very excited tonight! My wife and I had a busy evening making reservations for a pair of four night trips in July, and an eight night trip in August! Now just pondering whether to do a weekend September trip, and possibly another weekend in October. Last year our October trip, although...
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    U-Haul wiring: Garbage?

    I have had constant problems with my uhaul trailer wiring. The box burns itself off in between each of my trips. This is causing an annoying pattern of me having to schedule an appointment to have uhaul replace the wiring under warranty prior to each camping trip. Are there wiring kits garbage...
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    Curtain C-Clips for 94 Coleman camper?

    Has anyone found a source for new coleman camper curtain C-clips? Or an alternative which will work with the curtain tracks? The only thing I have found online are a couple sets of full curtains on ebay, with asking prices higher than I want to invest in. I just need a few handfuls of clips...
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    Non-electric site: Do you bother with a marine battery?

    Curious how many folks bother with a marine battery when they are camping in a non-electric site. I have not been using one, and have been told by many that it would be a great addition. Other than running the built in interior lights, and the step light, I cannot really see much use for it...
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    NY - Lakeside State Park

    Was curious if anyone has been to Lakeside State Park up on Lake Ontario (West of Rochester area). We made some reservations there for memorial day weekend since our favorite desitinations were booked up. Although it is a smaller park, we thought it might still offer some fun for a short...
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    12v/110 patio lights?

    I was wondering if anyone has found or uses patio lights which can be used off of 110 or 12v power. I would think that there must be some LED light strings which would. However, I cannot seem to find any. I would love to have a string which I could use whether or not I had a site with...
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    Connect 12V battery?

    Hi All, I am looking to connect a 12v deep cycle batter to my PUP (94 Coleman/Fleetwood Columbia) to use the interior lighting. The PUP is equipped with an AC/DC inverter and appears ready to accept batter power. On the tongue is a two pin plug which is for battery hookup. What I cannot...
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    Thinking of 4 door Wrangler as tow vehicle

    I am getting a small PUP (dry weight 1099, GVWR 1680, 145 lbs hitch), and will be getting a new vehicle with which to tow it. I have always been a fan of Wranglers too (owned 2 TJ's prior) and after doing some research, I am thinking one of the newer 4 door models would be more than sufficient...
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    New Fleetwood/Coleman Columbia!

    I am very excited, as I just reached a deal with a private owner for his '94 Fleetwood/Coleman Columbia PUP! I have been looking for the bulk of the summer on a used, very good condition trailer, and this one was just amazing. The pop up mechanism works flawlessly, the canvas is original but...